Dumbbell Interval Sculpt: Full Body Workout: HIIT Body Sculpt

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Hi Everyone!

I have a great throwback workout for you! This workout is a full body workout that will burn fat and help you sculpt beautiful, strong, lean muscles. This workout was originally filmed as part of my  30 Day Workout ChallengeThe day I filmed it I followed it with a 30 Minute (4 Mile) run on the treadmill. You can repeat the workout or pair it with cardio of choice to increase the intensity.

My dumbbells were 20 lbs each for this workout. Choose a weight that is challenging for you. Don’t be afraid to sculpt muscle. It gives your body shape, strength, and increases the amount of calories you burn even when your body is at rest.

I am filming a new workout today, and writing my Fit Pregnancy Update. It has been a wonderfully busy weekend. I had my baby shower, my lifelong best friend flew from out-of-state to stay with me for the shower, and I got to see a lot of my family and friends this weekend. I have gotten in a lot of walking and exercise. On Wednesday I hit the 36-weeks pregnant mark, and more and more often people look at me and think I am going to pop any second! I think I am going full term, or slightly longer, so we shall see. 🙂

Enjoy today’s workout and check back later for a Brand New workout!


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10/50: 15 Rounds, 10 seconds Rest, 50 seconds Max Reps

Equipment: Dumbbells, Chair or Bench (sturdy surface to put your foot up on)

1. Dumbbell Swing (right)
2. Bulgarian Split Squat (right)
3. Dumbbell Swing (left)
4. Bulgarian Split Squat (left)
5. Romanian Deadlift
6. Chair Twist
7. Crunch and Tap
8. Single Leg Deadlift (right)
9. Single Leg Deadlift (left)
10. Side Plank Row (right)
11. Side Plank Row (left)
12. Heel Tap
13. Grand Plie 2nd Position
14. Supergirl Row (right)
15. Supergirl Row (left)

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30 Minutes Cardio of Choice





4 thoughts on “Dumbbell Interval Sculpt: Full Body Workout: HIIT Body Sculpt

  1. Shannon

    I’m so happy I stumbled on your website over 2 years ago. I’ve stopped going to the gym & am in the best shape of my life after 2 kids AND beating cancer at 35! It’s amazing with your busy life that you manage to give us daily workouts and keep us motivated to make fitness & health our priority. You’re in the homestretch now. Best of luck!

  2. Kate

    Love this workout! I’m still not quite at the point where I can do the full 50 seconds supergirl rows from plank position, but the more I work out to your videos, the more I feel like I will be able to do the full 50 soon! Thanks for challenging me, Melissa!

  3. Anonymous

    Very nice workout, and challenging, especially the side plank rows! Felt it all over and I did two rounds. Take care Melissa!

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