33-Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy, Fitness & Workout Update

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Hi Everyone!

It’s update time! I am currently 33 weeks + 4 days pregnant. Baby is about the size of a Honey Dew Melon (19 inches and 4.5 lbs).

Pregnancy Feelings

I still don’t have any food cravings. No pickles & ice cream or anything outside of the norm. I also haven’t been having any heart burn (knock on wood!)

I eat frequently to prevent nausea. If my stomach gets empty I feel sick. I ordered some No Cow Protein Bars in Blueberry Cobbler. It’s delicious on it’s own or chopped and mixed into some plain oatmeal. I like it because it has all natural ingredients and is helping me get in some protein. I normally eat a lot of chicken and fish, but I have to limit my seafood consumption to less than 12 ounces per week. The bars help me keep my protein intake up. I am still eating a lot of chicken.

I have been snacking on a lot of fruit.


Feeling good! Still no itchiness or discomfort. I am still using Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to moisturize. I also use cocoa butter & make sure to stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water.

Horrible! I was sick AGAIN this week! A stomach virus made the rounds at work (the dangers of health care and doing ADLs with people!) and despite vigorous  hand washing I caught it. During the third trimester your immune system is suppressed to keep your body from treating the baby as something foreign. I feel like I spent most of my time this week sleeping.

As I write this I am actually starting to feel better, so I am hopeful for a return of my normal energy level.

I’m still feeling good! I am excited that I get to meet Baby Bender in the near future. As I type he is wiggling around in my tummy. I have a feeling that he is a very sweet baby. I am sure most pregnant women feel that way about their child.

My baby shower is in two weeks. I am excited to see my family and friends.

Body Image:
Feeling good. My bump size seems to fluctuate based on baby’s position. I am still wearing all normal clothing, but I am going to buy some maternity tank tops. My shirts are getting shorter as they have more belly to stretch over. I am avoiding shopping for new bras and sports bras at this point, but I might not have a choice for much longer. I am researching the most comfortable sports bras for mom’s who are nursing and options are pretty limited. I’m also worried about comfort. My urge to invent something really great and supportive is in full swing, but unfortunately I haven’t touched a sewing machine since my Fashion Arts class in High School.
Baby’s Movements: 

gambit baby bump bf
Baby Bender is still just as active as ever! He moves constantly. When we touch my belly he presses into our hands. He is very responsive to touch. The cats love to cuddle against my tummy and purr. He moves a lot when we talk and sing to him. He likes hearing Jesse’s voice & he likes when we sing to him.

At this point the baby is learning to distinguish his native language & is forming a foundation for his future vocabulary. That’s pretty phenomenal. I talk to the baby all the time.

Jesse & Buffy feeling Baby Bender move.

Jesse & Buffy feeling Baby Bender move.

I got some of the baby clothing we have received hanging up in the closet. I am still waiting to finish decorating until after the baby shower. I hung our gender reveal sign up in his room. Once things come together a bit more I will post a photo.

I still have to get my scrap booking materials out of the baby’s closet, but I haven’t figured out where to transition them to yet. I haven’t done any scrap booking in a long time, but I think having a baby might be a great motivator to get back to it.

I don’t want to get any more sicknesses between now and the baby being born. I had a stomach virus twice in two weeks (which is insane!) I had to miss work which is never good. I also worry about Diastasis Recti. I am doing everything I can to prevent it (and I know a lot of exercises to help heal it if it does happen), but I hate the fact that you can go through your entire pregnancy without it, and have it occur during labor/delivery.

Diastasis Recti is caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure, which results in the separation of the fascia that runs midline down your stomach. Strong transverse abdominals help prevent this (and can help promote a smoother labor). One of the best ways to prevent this is through proper use of the breath during labor (and exercise) and appropriate activation of your muscles in conjunction with the breath. When I exercise I am really focusing on my breathing and core activation, as well as mind/body awareness of how I am feeling and which muscles I am using. Hopefully this translates to a smoother labor, but we shall see.

MD Visit:
I am still at bi-weekly visits, so no new visit this week. Nothing to report.

In general I am feeling very well. I am in good spirits, despite being sick and tired this week. The weather is getting warmer, and my flowers are blooming and that always fills me with joy. Sunshine and happiness definitely have a positive correlation for me.

I miss some of the warm weather things that I like to do, which aren’t pregnancy safe like: Sky Diving, Zip Lining, Rock Climbing and Amusement Parks/Roller Coasters. Kennywood (Pittsburgh’s amusement park) is open on weekends, and I was going to suggest a trip to Jesse, until I realized I can’t ride any of the fun stuff! On the plus side, there is still plenty I CAN do!

My Workouts:

bike riding

Sunday: 5 Mile Bike Ride with family + 4 mile walk outside
Monday: 50-flights of stairs + 60-second side planks per side + 40 Minute Walk Outside
Tuesday: Took a two hour nap & missed my workout! So tired today.
Wednesday: 3.5 Mile Walk Outside
Thursday: I was sick. I barely moved all day after coming home from work early.
Friday: I was sick in the morning, but felt better by the evening so I went for a 3-Mile Walk.
Saturday: 30-Minute Walk + Weighted Exercises
1. Romanian Deadlifts with two 20-lb dumbbells: 20 Reps
2. Bent Over Rows with 20-lb dumbbell: 20 Reps per Arm
3. Pelvic Tilt Wall Sit: 20 Reps
4. Single Leg/Warrior Deadlift with two 20-lb dumbbells: 20 Reps Per Leg
5. Plie Squats with 20-lb dumbbell: 20 Reps
6. Curl to Overhead Press (right and left arm at the same time with two 20-lb dumbbells): 8 Reps
*I would do it one arm at a time in the future.
7. Incline Pushups: 20 Reps

This post has a link to the workouts I posted this week: 15-Minute Interval Fat Burn: Home Workout. I am seriously missing a lot of different exercises that require you to lay on your stomach! I will be back at it soon enough!

Enjoy & Thanks for all of your support!

PS You can find me on Instagram & Twitter: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MelissaBenderFitness.

jesse and I bike riding

10 thoughts on “33-Weeks Pregnant: Pregnancy, Fitness & Workout Update

  1. Good luck Melissa! You’ll get to the end soon of the pregnancy journey soon! I’ve been doing your workouts for about a year…thank you so much for them and for your wonderful energy and encouragement. I have two kids of my own and a full time job so I really appreciate being able to do your videos at home, when I have a free moment.I am a photographer and would be thrilled to offer my services to you for free. I’ve never done any fitness photography but would love too and would love to give back to you as I’ve been so appreciate of your website and all it has to offer. My website is http://www.lexivanvalkenburgh.com and my Instgram is lexi_vv_photography. Let me know if you are ever interested. 🙂 and good luck in the next few weeks!

  2. Marina

    Your updates are so fun to read. I hope you feel 100% soon. I think scrap booking for the baby would be great, especially during the first year. They change so quickly and it’s a blast to look back at it. I wish I had done something like that. We took a lot of pics but they are just on the computer. You look great, hang in there, just a few weeks left!

  3. Anonymous

    Hi I just found out I’m pregnant with my 3rd child, it was a surprise, I’m not on my ideal weight im 5’2 and weight 137 I don’t really work out but I just feel like I need to to stay in my best mentally and physically, what excercises would you recommend, thanks

  4. Lisa

    I had my 3rd baby 5 weeks ago and had diastasis recti from my previous pregnancies and it feels like the seperation has gotten bigger, from 2 finger gap to 3. Would love more info or a future workout on exercises to rebuild the core

  5. You look fantastic! You should be proud of yourself, keeping up with your fitness and getting this blog out. Soon you’ll have a convenient little barbell to carry – everywhere 😉

  6. Corinna Bosse

    Hi Melissa,
    I love your workouts. I have two children (3 and 1.5 year) and I trie to loose my little babybelly.
    Can you recommend any workouts where I can train my pelvic floor?
    Thanks a lot

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