20-Minute HIIT Shred & Shape

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Hi Everyone!

Are you ready for today’s workout? It’s a 20-Minute per round HIIT workout. This one will give you a great cardio burn, while simultaneously shaping and strengthening your muscles. Grab a pair of dumbbells and get ready to sweat!

As you go through this workout remember to push yourself to get in your maximum number of repetitions. HIIT is great because it can be adjusted for all levels, but you get out what you put in. If you need to rest during any interval that’s okay, but get back into it as quickly as you can.

Today’s workout is a throwback. It’s actually Day 6 from my Original 30-Day Workout Challenge. If you haven’t checked out the challenge yet you should!

Last night Jesse and I taught our group Boot Camp class. We got in a great HIIT workout that was 32-Minutes for one round, and paired it with a 10-Minute Warm up and 10-Minute Cool Down.

I hope you have fun with today’s workout and get in a great sweat! Let me know what you think and how you’re feeling! You can find me on Instagram and Twitter: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: www.facebook.com/MelissaBenderFitness



Equipment: Dumbbells (If you don’t have dumbbells be inventive, cans of soup, or milk jugs also work.)

1. Mountain Climbers
2. Romanian Deadlift
3. Supergirl Push-up
4. Split Squat (right)
5. Split Squat (left)
6. Russian Kicks
7. Lunge Kick (right)
8. Lunge Kick (left)
9. Spiderman Plank
10. Sumo Squat
11. Knee Drop Frogger
12. Curtsy Lunge (right)
13. Curtsy Lunge (left)
14. Single Leg Frogger
15. High Knee Twist

Repeat 1-3X





2 thoughts on “20-Minute HIIT Shred & Shape

  1. Anonymous

    Wow! I love this work out! Today I did jumping jacks as my cardio burst for the 1st time ( I normally do high knees or jump rope) I love it!
    I also bought myself dumbbells, my first routine using them at home. I am so excited to find more routines on your web site that use them, I know there is a lot. I feel great! Thank you Melissa and Jesse!!

  2. Anonymous

    Wow! A new favourite of mine. So fun with the jumping jacks. I used my new dumbbells today. I feel great!! Thank you Melissa and Jesse

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