Bootcamp HIIT: 20 Minutes Per Round-No Equipment Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day! Are you ready to do something really great for your heart & get in an awesome workout? I thought so! Why else would you be here?

Today’s workout is a throw back. I still have some great new workouts planned to be filmed for you this week, so check back for the newest workouts. In the mean time I will be posting daily workouts. The great thing about having over 700 different workout videos on my youtube channel is that we have plenty of variety! You could do a different workout every day for nearly two years just using my website!

Today’s workout will get you sweaty, get your heart working & work your entire body! If you feel like I missed a body part or muscle let me know & I will be sure to add in an extra move. 😉

As always, push yourself for maximum repetitions, but also be sure to focus on good form. Form and range of motion really maximize the results, and make sure you are recruiting the targeted muscles during each exercise.

Have fun & have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Also, if you haven’t checked out our Gender Reveal announcement I posted it here: Gender Reveal: And Baby Bender Is…. I can’t believe I am already more than halfway through my pregnancy!

See you soon!

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!
Set your timer for 15 Rounds of 30/50.

1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Seated Leg Lift
3. Leg Circles (right)
4. Leg Circles (left)
5. Heel Tap Abs
-High Knees
6. Down Dog Hop (right)
-High Knees
7. Down Dog Hop (left)
-High Knees
8. Lunge & Reach Twist 
-High Knees
9. Single Leg Hip Thrust
-High Knees
10. Alternating Knee Tap Table Top
-Squat Jump
11. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist (right)
-Squat Jump
12. Pushup Elbow Tap Twist
-Squat Jump
13. Down Dog Plank Press
-Squat Jump
14. Heel Press Plank (right)
-Squat Jump
15. Heel Press Plank (left)

Repeat 1-3X






4 thoughts on “Bootcamp HIIT: 20 Minutes Per Round-No Equipment Home Workout

  1. Marina

    Congrats Melissa! I feel like most people I know have been having boys. I have two of my own, and the energy they have is amazing. This will be great for you and go along with your workouts/active lifestyle. Have a great V-Day : )

  2. Meg

    Hi Melissa, Congratulations on your Baby Boy Bender:)
    I was wondering if you could suggest workouts for people with leg injuries(broke my ankle).

  3. This is one of my fav workout Melissa. Thank you. And also congratulations!! You’re having a boy! I watched the baby gender reveal video and i am beaming with joy for you guys. Smiling ear to ear!! Such lovely family you have. You’re so blessed! <3

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