HIIT to Be Fit! Jump Rope & Fat Burn Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a HIIT to Be Fit, Jump Rope and Fat Burn. I originally filmed this workout as part of my 30 Day Workout Challenge!

One Round takes just over 23 minutes, and you can repeat the workout. During this video I filmed myself going through the second round. You can repeat it 1-3X to increase the intensity.

I increased the length of the cardio intervals during this workout to 45 seconds to increase the cardiovascular challenge and fat burning benefits. I chose jump rope as my cardio of choice. You can also substitute High Knees, Burpees, or Mountain Climbers if you don’t have a jump rope. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of jump rope, check this out: Health Benefits of Jumping Rope

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Have fun with today’s workout & work up a sweat! Let me know how many rounds you get in!



PS: I have some great new workouts ready to be filmed this weekend! I will see you with brand new workouts soon.


Set your interval timer for 15 Rounds of: 45 seconds cardio of choice, 50 seconds max reps

Repeat 1-3X

-Jump Rope
1. Singe Leg Hop Up (right)
-Jump Rope
2. Single Leg Hop Up (left)
-Jump Rope
3. Frogger Push Up
-Jump Rope
4. Single Leg Hip Thrust (right)
-Jump Rope
5. Single Leg Hip Thrust (left)
-Jump Rope
6. Tapping Warrior 3 (right)
-Jump Rope
7. Tapping Warrior 3 (left)
-Jump Rope
8. Side Plank Leg Lift (right)
-Jump Rope
9. Side Plank Leg Lift (left)
-Jump Rope
10. Leg/Hip Lift
-Jump Rope
11. Mountain Frogger
-Jump Rope
12. Crab Kick
-Jump Rope
13. Temple Tap Abs
-Jump Rope
14. Boat Swim
-Jump Rope
15. Burpee

temple tap abs


6 thoughts on “HIIT to Be Fit! Jump Rope & Fat Burn Home Workout

  1. Anonymous

    I loved it! I did two rounds. That was an amazing routine. I’m loving the jump rope cardio. I alternate basic jump rope and high knees jump rope; I get my heart rate going, for sure.
    Thank you Melissa!!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Hi I’m jasmine and am trying to lose weight . I happen to chance upon your site after watching bodyrock tv .I am 85 kilos and hope to hit 65 kilos in a yr. will your hiit videos help me trim my thighs and lose weight? Shouldi add additional cardio like stairclimbing? Please advise. Thanku

    • benderfitness

      Hi Jasmine, These workouts will help you burn fat and build lean muscle. HIIT workouts are one of the most efficient ways to achieve this goal. You can do additional cardio. Stair climbing or running are great options. A lot of weight loss results also have to do with creating a healthy diet plan (without dropping your calories to low).

  3. Rhonica

    WOW! L-o-v-e-d it. Switched running on treadmill at 8.5 for jumproping. The workout moves in between cardio was an awesome mix. Thank you Melissa.

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