22 Minute HIIT Sweat: Fat Burning Full Body Workout-Body Weight

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is going to get you sweaty! Are you ready for some HIIT?
All you need for this workout is a yoga mat and jump rope. Don’t have those? It’s okay, you can still do the workout without them (your floor might get a little sweaty though!)
At the beginning of today’s workout video I show a modification for the Heel Tap Jump Squat. If you are just starting out your workout journey and building up your strength/endurance you can use the Jump Rope intervals as a rest break between exercises. Work to your own level, and build up to the more difficult variations.
If the workout is hard, that’s a good thing. If it isn’t challenging you it isn’t teaching your body how to improve your strength and endurance. The human body is incredibly efficient at adaptation. That is why keeping your workouts challenging is imperative to making improvements.
Every once in a while I get someone who comments “you can’t even do your own workout! You’re sweating and breathing hard!” That makes me smile, because if I wasn’t challenging myself it wouldn’t be much of a workout. Remember, these are the actual workouts I do to stay in shape and maintain my level of fitness. I don’t sneak off to the gym secretly. This is it. :)
You can find me on Instagram: @BenderFitness
I have a new workout for you, but I had some technical difficulties with the video. I will be working on getting it posted (or re-filmed) tonight when I get home from work.
Have fun getting sweaty!

PS You can also find me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter. Jesse has also been posting Sneak Peek workout videos on his Instagram account.

PPS Fit Fashion: Workout top is from www.Affitnity.com. You can find the link for this top HERE. You can always use the discount code BenderFitness for 15% off of your purchase at checkout. The shoes are Brooks Glycerin (no discount code, sorry!) I don’t remember where I got the leggings.

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Gymboss Interval Timer for 16 Rounds of 30/50. 

*Every 30 Second Interval Cardio of Choice: Jump Rope or High Knees
**Warm-up Before all workouts to maximize your results, and protect yourself from injury.**

  -Jump Rope
1. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
2. Side Plank Reach Through (right)
  -Jump Rope
3. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
4. Side Plank Reach Through (left)
  -Jump Rope
5. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
6. Supergirl Pushup
  -Jump Rope
7. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
8. Heel Press Plank (right)
  -Jump Rope
9. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
10. Heel Press Plank (left)
  -Jump Rope
11. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
12. Plank Crunch
  -Jump Rope
13. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
14. Knee Drop Plank
  -Jump Rope
15. Heel Tap Squat Jump
  -Jump Rope
16. Cheek to Cheek Plank

Repeat 1-3X

**Cool Down after your workout!**

Jump Rope
Side Plank Reach Through (part 1)
Side Plank Reach Through (part 2)
Supergirl Push-up
Heel Press Plank
Plank Crunch
Knee Drop Plank
Cheek to Cheek Plank

14 thoughts on “22 Minute HIIT Sweat: Fat Burning Full Body Workout-Body Weight

  1. Excellent workout, you really put in the work and are imaginative, really how do you come up with all the exercises you show and do? That’s a talent I want to develop!
    Also, you exemplify TRUE GRIT!. That’s the highest compliment I can think of and you have earned and maintained it. Great job!

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome!! I haven’t look through your whole website but are there multiple exercises that use weights? I’ve seen the 30 minute one. Love it. Would love to see more weight exercises that focus on certain muscle groups! Love all your videos either way!!!! Helped me get back in shape after baby!

  3. Brandi Kern

    Melissa, I owe you a HUGE thank you. I found you through bodyrock. I am a fit woman with my problem area being my lower half. I have been doing online workouts like bodyrock for over three years. And though I have seen spectacular results in my upper body, yours are the first workouts I’ve ever seen that have changed my lower half already and I’ve only been doing your workouts for two months. I am so happy I could cry. Also, because of seeing how many calories you consume, made me realize I was eating way too few. (I’m 5’7″ and I’ve been eating 1000-1200 calories per day). I was beginning to border on an eating disorder just to look how I wanted. Now I’m eating 1500-1700 per day, and things are getting better. I’m losing inches (and cellulite!!!!!) and feeling great. Thank you for promoting a healthy body image and for being an incredibly positive role model!!!

    • benderfitness

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment! I am so happy that you are seeing the results that you wanted, and feeling stronger and healthier! 😀

  4. Loved this workout today Melissa. Your workouts are always fantastic 😉 I also found u through body rock and can’t begin to tell u how amazing I think u are. I also find I get awesome results with your routines and recipes.. You are awesome ;)?one of my favourite trainers hands down !

  5. Anonymous

    Man that was tough if you kept up at your pace! Heel tap squats are brutal!!!! lol That was so good. I love skipping, so it’s good to do in my kitchen because after 2 kids I would never dare doing at the gym!!!! Love you Melissa!!!!!!

  6. Amy

    I’ve done this workout twice so far because I love it. You’re changing my body for the better and you don’t even know it . I couldn’t thank you enough !! Xox

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