15 Minute Sculpted Body Home Workout with Dumbbells

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Hi Everyone!

Get out your dumbbells for today’s workout! We are going to work on sculpting strong and beautifully shaped muscles. I used 20-lb dumbbells in today’s workout, but you can choose an amount of weight that is challenging for you.

If you are doing this routine with body weight only, try to increase the number of reps. My recommendations for reps are below, but you can always adjust the workout to meet your own training needs.

There are a lot of great reasons to incorporate weight training into your workout routine. Weight training helps improve your metabolism & burn fat by increasing your lean muscle mass, it decreases your chances of developing osteoporosis as you age, and it improves your strength. Muscles give your body shape and help sculpt your physique.

I hope you enjoy this workout. Have fun!

With Weights: 10 Reps Per Exercise
Body Weight: 15-20 Reps Per Exercise

1. Squat Tap
2. Weighted Crunch Tap
3. 1 Leg Squat (right)
4. 1 Leg Squat (left)
5. Weighted Temple Tap
6. Curtsy Lunge Twist
7. Romanian Deadlift
8. Bent Over Row
9. Chest Press
10. Extend and Curl

Repeat 1-3X
Optional: Pair with 30-Minutes of Cardio

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  1. Lindsay

    I would also LOVE if you had a Benderfitness t-shirt I could buy! Because I think everyone should be aware of your training.

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