12 Minute Legs & Core Workout

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Hi Everyone!

I have a new workout for you today! Today’s workout is quick. One round takes 12 minutes and you can repeat it 1-4X. In this workout I used one dumbbell. If you don’t have a dumbbell you can do the exercises with body weight, or use something from around the house to add some resistance.

I completed one round of this workout, and paired it with a 6 mile run outside. During my run I incorporated 4 20-second sprints to help improve my speed. The rest of the run was done at a comfortable pace.

I un-expectedly signed up to run the Pittsburgh Half Marathon this weekend. Two of my friends are running it, and I am going to run with them. It will be my friend Nicole’s first time running a Half. I want to help pace her to her goal time.

I wouldn’t typically recommend signing up for a Half Marathon with such short notice. I know that I have the training & fitness base to run this race without risking injury. This will be my third Half Marathon. I will not be “racing” or going for a PR this time, but moving a comfortable pace the entire time.

I hope you enjoy the workout!


Repeat 1-4X

  1. Curtsy Lunge with Calf Raise-Right
  2. Curtsy Lunge with Calf Raise-Left
  3. Lunge Kick-Right
  4. Lunge Kick-Left
  5. Glute Bridge to Calf Raise
  6. Lunge Jump Twist
  7. Walk the Plank Pushup
  8. Angel Abs
  9. Toe Touch Plank Reach-Right
  10. Toe Touch Plank Reach-Left
  11. Camel Reach
  12. Dive Bomber

Curtsy Lunge to Calf Raise: Part 1


Curtsy Lunge to Calf Raise: Part 2


Lunge Kick: Part 1


Lunge Kick: Part 2


Glute Bridge to Calf Raise: Part 1


Glute Bridge to Calf Raise: Part 2


Lunge Jump Twist


Walk the Plank Pushup: Part 1


Walk the Plank Pushup: Part 2


Angel Abs


Toe Touch Plank Reach: Part 1


Toe Touch Plank Reach: Part 2


Camel Reach: Part 1


Camel Reach: Part 2


Dive Bomber: Part 1


Dive Bomber: Part 2


Dive Bomber: Part 2


Gambit making himself comfortable.


7 thoughts on “12 Minute Legs & Core Workout

  1. Chelsea

    Great one! Really liked the toe touch plank reach. Very challenging but fun and different. Good luck on the half-marathon, you will do excellent! Thanks again for another awesome workout!

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