HIIT the New Year Hard: Workout 2: Quick Core Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Day 2 of my HIIT the New Year Hard Workout Challenge is focused on core. I will be filming the new video tonight. It will be posted later this evening or early tomorrow AM. In the mean time this is an alternate core workout. I also posted today’s 30 Day Instagram Challenge Workout Move. That move can be done in addition to this workout. 

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Today’s workout is focused on the core (the video and photo workout tutorial is below). One round takes 10 Minutes, so you can repeat it or pair it with another workout or cardio of choice (Check out these 5-30 Minute Workouts). I like to pair core days with 30 Minutes of cardio, and that is what I will be doing tonight. 

I love core workouts because they make you stronger for every exercise you do. With a strong core it’s easier to maintain proper form during exercise. Core strength also provides balance to your body. 

This routine is challenging, but fun. I added in some new exercises which I hope you enjoy. 

I hope you all enjoy the workout and have a great day!

PS If you are joining me for the challenge don’t forget to check in on FacebookInstagram or Twitter. The check in posts are a great way to stay motivated and on track. 🙂

PPS The Full Workout List will be updated throughout the course of the month and can be found HERE

Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 10 Rounds of 10/50. 

1. Superman Plank
2. Leg/Hip Lift
3. Temple Tap Abs
4. Dolphin to Spiderman
5. Side Scissor
6. Oblique Twist Situp
7. Side Plank Crunch (right)
8. Side Plank Crunch (left)
9. Full Roll Up Situp
10. Superman Twist

Superman Plank: Core tight, hold plank position and reach forward. Alternate arms. 
Leg/Hip Lift: Starting Position, extend arms and legs. Keeping the feet together and legs straight lift.
Part 2: Hip Lift. In a controlled motion lift the hips as if you could press your feet to the ceiling. 
Temple Tap Abs: Keeping the core tight, lift the legs. Bring the hands to prayer position at your chest. Keeping the shoulders lifted reach the elbow toward the top corner of your mat. Return to center. Repeat the motion on the other side. 
Dolpin to Spiderman: Part 1: Start in a forearm plank. Lift the hips toward the ceiling, keeping the core activated and tight throughout the movement. 
Dolphin to Spiderman: Part 2: Return to Forearm Plank. Bring your knee toward your tricep. Return to forearm plank, dolphin, and then repeat on the other side. 
Oblique Twist Situp: Keep the back straight with both arms reaching forward. Rotate right, allowing your forearm to gently rest on the ground as you twist and reach the top arm overhead. return to upright position with arms straight, and repeat on the other side. 
Side Plank Crunch: Hold Side Plank with arm extended overhead. Keeping the core active bring your knee and elbow together. 
Full Roll Up Situp: Start supine (on your back) on the floor. Lift your body, gently rolling up from crown to the base of your spine, straighten your back into a forward fold. When you lift back up keep the back straight as long as you are able, then lower one vertebra at a time from tailbone up.  
Superman Twist: Lying Prone (face down) lift your chest and heels. Reach your arms back. Alternating sides gently reach toward your heels. 

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