Rockin’ Body Weight Workout

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Hi Everyone!

This workout was much tougher than I gave it credit for! I hope you are ready to sweat! My arm, chest and back strength isn’t quite up to where it usually is (the result of taking a month off after a neck injury from being rear-ended). I had to modify one exercise, and decrease the number of reps for the last exercise. 

Remember, modifications are fine as long as you are challenging yourself! I went through this workout once and paired it with a 4 mile run (about 32 minutes of cardio), because that’s all my body was ready for today. 

I originally filmed the workout tutorial in December of 2011 (the year I first started sharing my workouts!) The original tutorial video is posted below. 

I decided to re-film full length versions of some of my older workouts. I hope you enjoy the workout!

Rockin’ Body Workout: (Scroll down for tutorial video)
Warm up: 5 minutes of cardio. I jump roped. Other options include running, mountain climbers, and high knees.
Beginner:  10 reps of each
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps
1.       Wall sit abs
2.       Lunge jumps
3.       Up/down dog
4.       Squat jumps
5.       Sumo plank
6.       High knees
Beginner: 30 seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 60 seconds
7.       Leg series sit ups right
8.       Leg series sit ups left
9.       Heel lift squats
10.   Burpees

Repeat! (Go through the entire workout twice. If you are a beginner once is probably enough. Listen to your body).
Cool Down: 5 minutes of cardio.

Down Dog to Up Dog: Dive Bomber. Keep Your back flat and heels pressing toward the floor in down dog.
Bend your arms and bring your chest close to the floor.
Press forward and through to Up Dog. 

Sumo Pushup/Plank: Alternate Sides.
Reach toward the ceiling from side plank while looking toward your hand.
If you are able to, perform a pushup in between each side plank. 

Leg Series Sit Up: Press the heels up into bridge pose. Lift the right leg and press the hips up.
Lower the leg to knee height and do a sit-up, reaching toward the toes.
Repeat on both sides. 

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