DietBet Challenge: Day 23: Strengthen Sweat and Run (or Jump)

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Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re ready to sweat for Day 23 of the DietBet Challenge!

I alternated cardio rounds in between each workout set. I ran on my treadmill, but the other option is to complete the jump rope workout video at the bottom of this post (1 round=6 minutes), or do another form of cardio of choice. The goal is to get your heart rate up, and work up a sweat. 

My cardio of choice today was mile repeats. I ran a total of 4 miles during this workout. 

Remember to always work to your level, and adjust the challenge to your needs. 🙂

Enjoy the workout!

PS Today is my sister, Kristen’s, birthday! She’s joined us for several workouts. Happy Birthday Kristen!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps


1. Surfer
2. Single Leg Step-Up (right)
3. Single Leg Step-Up (left)
4. Curtsy Lunge (right)
5. Curtsy Lunge (left)


1. Knee Drop Plank
2. Side Plank Elbow Tap (right)
3. Side Plank Elbow Tap (left)
4. Leg/Hip Lift
5. Bicycle


1. Twisted (Oblique) Push-up
2. Dips
3. Rowing Shrug
4. Tricep Push-up (right)
5. Tricep Push-up (left)


4 thoughts on “DietBet Challenge: Day 23: Strengthen Sweat and Run (or Jump)

  1. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa! Love your workouts! Wanted to ask you about the shoes in this workout video. Yes, I know…. 🙂 Are those Asics Nimbus 15?

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