Arms and Back: Quick Home Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is focused on the arms and back (the video is below). I get a lot of requests for exercises that target the back of the arms, and the bra area of the back. This routine will assist with building strength and tightness in those areas. 

I have also included my video on how to Build to a Pull-Up below, along with the link to the original post. 

I also got in a great run with Jesse. It was my first long run in a long time, and it felt great to hit the trails and go. I have promised Jesse that I will let him help train me to increase my speed in races. Instead of just running for fun and fitness I am going to focus on incorporating more of a running schedule into my routine. 

I posted an article on How Often to Cross Train for Running, and I will be sharing a complete breakdown of my Bender Fitness workouts and my running program. I raced my last 5K in 23:16, and my last Half Marathon in 1 hour and 46 minutes. Let’s see if I can improve that!

I hope you enjoy today’s workout!

10-12 Reps Per Exercise

1. Pull-up/Bent Arm Hang
2. Bicep Curl
3. Tricep Drop
4. Plank Row
5. Shoulder Press
6. Decline Push-up
7. Dip
8. Tricep Push-up (right)
9. Tricep Push-up (left)
10. Walk the Plank
11. Chest Press Plank to Down Dog

Optional: *Bonus: Backbend Push-up*

Repeat Workout 1-3X

Building to a Pull-Up/Increasing My Pull Up Reps

2 thoughts on “Arms and Back: Quick Home Workout

  1. How do you always seem to know exactly the workout I want? I’ve been working a lot more arms and shoulders on the gym equipment, and putting together different moves to do at home. This is perfect! I especially like that tricep push ups and chest press plank. Thank you yet again for a great home workout!

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