Quick Core Challenge: Sculpted Abs Workout

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Hi Everyone!

The Sculpted Abs Challenge continues! This workout is set up in a different format. I utilized a modified Tabata approach to the workout. The video, and a picture tutorial can be found below. 

Tabata workouts only take 4 minutes, but it is 4 minutes of 100% effort/intensity. The breakdown is 20 seconds of maximum effort, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is especially effective on an exercise bike, treadmill, or on a track. 

This workout uses the same 20/10 formula. One round takes 12 minutes. Due to the complexity of the movements you can’t work at quite the same level of intensity as you would doing sprints or biking, so I repeated each movement 3X before moving onto the next exercise. 

If you want to try another Tabata style workout check out: Burn Baby Burn for a challenging workout tutorial.

Have fun! Don’t forget to check in on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let me know how you’re doing with the challenge! I have been seeing some great check in posts!


Equipment: Gymboss Interval Timer set for 24 rounds of 10/20 second intervals. 

*Repeat each exercise 3X before moving onto the next exercise. 

1. Supergirl Pushups
2. Table Crunch
3. Dive Bomber
4. Down Dog Hop
5. Temple Tap Abs
6. Leg Circles (right)
7. Leg Circles (left)
8. Twisting Leg/Hip Lift

Supergirl Pushup: Extend Opposite arm and leg.
Return to Plank.
Repeat on the other side.  
Table Crunch: Keep the hips lifted and core tight.
Bring the Knee up and Tap with your hand.  
Table Crunch: Alternate Legs throughout the movement.
Focus on keeping the hips lifted and back flat. 
Dive Bomber: Starting in Down Dog position, bend the arms and lower your chest toward the floor.
Press forward through the chest into an up-dog position.
Bend the arms and lift the hips to return to starting position. 
Down Dog Hop: Starting in Plank draw your knee in toward the nose, while keeping the core tight.
Extend the leg back and up, while hopping on the standing leg.
Return to plank and repeat on the opposite side. 
Temple Tap Abs: Pull the core in tight.
Lift the legs, and shoulder blades off the floor while keeping the core tight.
Hands start at prayer position in the center of your chest.
Tap your elbow toward the top corner of your mat, alternating sides.  
Leg Circles: Lift the shoulder blades and legs, keeping the core tight.
Start with the right leg and make circles, while keeping the lower leg as still as possible.
The higher you lift the top leg the more challenging the movement becomes.
Do three sets on the right, before moving on to the left side. 
Twisting Leg/Hip Lift: Lift the shoulder blades and legs, keeping the core tight.
Lift your legs and hips off the floor, trying to press your feet toward the ceiling.
Keeping the core tight, lower your legs toward the left corner of the room.
Return to center, hip lift, and lower your legs toward the right corner of the room.
Try to keep you legs off the ground the entire time. 

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