Bored of Your Exercise Routine? 15 Fun Ideas for Active Rest Day

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How many times have you heard people say exercise is boring? Sometimes you need to switch up your routine, get out of that rut and try something new. 

It can become easy to put in the same exercise DVD every day, or go to the gym and do the same workout on the same machines. If you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I switch my workouts up every day. I like the challenge of new experiences. I especially like Active Rest Days. 

Active Rest Days are days when you aren’t doing your “normal” workout routine, but you’re staying busy, getting your body moving, and having fun!

Here are some ideas to make your active rest day more fun! If you have some ideas I haven’t mentioned please post them in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Hike or Trail Run

1. Go Hiking or try a Trail Run. Going outside can energize you! You can go alone or with a group of friends. Do a quick search to see if you have any outdoor organizations in your area. We have a company nearby that hosts a variety of hikes and outdoor activities from Yoga Hikes, to MicroBrewery Hikes and everything in between. It can also be a good way to make new friends!

Go To a Park and Play

2. Go to a Park and Play! (While you’re there you can try my Quick Playground Workout). 
If you have kids, nieces or nephews, they will be thrilled if you join in on the fun and play with them! 
When my niece and nephew come over we enjoy “Playing Yoga,” going to the park, and “Warrior Training.” When we play yoga we take turns demonstrating a pose and having the others try it. Kids make up some fun (and challenging!) moves if you give them the chance! Warrior Training is basically fun exercises we do together to build up strength like their favorite superheroes. 

Go Swimming
3. Go Swimming! Swimming is a fantastic workout for your entire body. It’s low impact, great for your cardiovascular system and it’s fun!
Go to the Zoo
4. Go to the Zoo. You get to meet animals and spend the day walking. 

Ice Skate or Roller Skate
5. Go Ice Skating or Roller Skating. It’s fun, and you can go with a group of friends! You can burn as many calories as you do jogging and it’s a full body workout. 
6. Go Dancing. It doesn’t matter what type of dancing you do! Put on some music, get moving and have fun! Swing Dancing is one of my all time favorite things to do. 
7. Go Rock Climbing. You can do this inside a gym or outdoors. It’s a challenging (but fun!) full body workout. Search for rock climbing gyms near you. 

Zip Line

8. Go Zip Lining. It’s fun, it’s an adventure and it can be physically challenging! Check out the video below for our zip line experience, and you can glimpse just a few of the obstacles we got to conquer along the way. We took my mom for her birthday and she loved it!

9. Go On an Adventure Tour. You might be able to find local tours for caving, spelunking, white water rafting, rappelling, or a variety of other fun activities! See if you can get a group of friends together for an adventure! 

Ride a Bike
10. Go on a Bike Ride. I love bike riding, it’s fun, relaxing, you get to be outside and explore. Sometimes when Jesse is doing a hard run I bike next to him to help him keep pace. It’s a fun way to get moving and enjoy yourself. If you don’t have a bike look into bike rentals. Our city has downtown bike rentals, and most of our local parks rent bikes as well. 

11. Rent a Kayak, Canoe, or Row Boat. We live near plenty of rivers and lakes so this is one of our favorite warm weather activities. We also love to kayak and stay active when we go on vacation. It’s a lot of fun, it’s challenging, and it’s a great core and arm workout. 

12. Go Boating and/or Parasailing. Be open to new experiences. They can energize you, make you feel alive, and challenge you in ways you don’t expect!

13. Play Mini-Golf or go to the Driving Range. This is another of our favorite warm weather activities, and a good one to do with friends. 
14. Play Frisbee Golf. It’s a real game, with rules and everything! One of our state parks has a Frisbee Golf Course set up. You hike through the woods as part of the course. You can always modify and play in an open field with friends. 

15. Bring your Yoga Practice Outside. Remember, your workouts don’t have to be confined to your house or gym! Be creative, just getting into a new environment can stimulate your mind and body in new ways. 

In conclusion: Be Silly! Don’t be afraid to have fun and get a little bit goofy! Try something new and different. What’s on your to-do list? 

2 thoughts on “Bored of Your Exercise Routine? 15 Fun Ideas for Active Rest Day

  1. Yes, these 15 fun ideas are really very useful to keep ownself active on rest day and I’m fully happy to get in such ideas and wiling to follow the idea on my rest days. Thanks dude 🙂

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