30 Day Challenge: Day 6: 16 Minute HIIT for a Tighter Core

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Hi Everyone!

Earlier today I posted another Core Workout because I knew today’s workout wouldn’t be posted until late. If you’re up for another one here is the new one! Core workouts are an important foundation for all of your other workouts. A strong core will help you maintain proper form for every exercise you do. Your core is also a huge determining factor in your body’s biomechanics. The position of your pelvis directly impacts the amount of pressure on your hips, knees, ankles and back during all exercise. Appropriately strengthening your core can keep you safe, healthy and injury free. 

One round of this workout takes 16 minutes. This routine can be repeated between 1-3X. Today I went through the workout one time, and I followed it up with a treadmill 5K. I was originally planning on running outside with Jesse, but I have an eye infection so I decided to stay inside. I don’t like running in my glasses, but I didn’t want to run around outside with blurry vision. It’s important to be fully aware of your surroundings when you are running outdoors. 

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! See you tomorrow for Day 7! Don’t forget to check in: on FacebookInstagram orTwitter!


PS You can find the full list of 30 Day Workouts HERE!

Gymboss Interval Timer: 16 Rounds 10/50 Intervals

1. Mountain Climber
2. Bicycle
3. Tricep Leg Lift
4. Snow Angel V-Up
5. Mountain Climber
6. Bicycle
7. Heel Tap Abs
8. Extended Crunch
9. Mountain Climber
10. Bicycle
11. Oblique Plank
12. Superman Heel Touch
13. Mountain Climber
14. Bicycle
15. Side Plank Reach (right)
16. Side Plank Reach (left)

Mountain Climber: Plank Position, Pull Core Tight, Drive the Nose Toward Your Knee
Bicycle: Opposite Elbow to Opposite Knee,
Core Tight, Elbow Wide
Shoulder Blades Lifted 
Side Plank Reach
Hand or Elbow beneath your Shoulder
Shoulders Stacked (like you can press both shoulders to the wall behind you)
Reach Up and Look towards the Thumb
Reach Down with the Top Arm
Tap the top of your Hand to the Mat Under/Behind You

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Melissa! Do you have any advice for knee pain associated with IT band tightness? I would appreciate any suggestions or advice. Thanks!

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