Bikini Prep Body Sculpt: Plyo Cardio Fat Burn: 15 Minute HIIT: Workout 11

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Hi Everyone! 

This is workout #11 of my Bikini Competition Prep/Body Sculpt Workout series. This one is intense, but fun. 

This exercise series combines plyometric movements that are designed to sculpt lean muscles, while burning fat. The goal is to complete the maximum number of reps you can during each 50 second interval, with minimal rest between exercises. *Form is always more important than number of reps. You will get more benefit by doing half the reps with appropriate form than double the reps with poor form. 

I am still chugging along with the cardio challenge, and got in 3 miles after finishing this workout. It felt good to start my week off strong!

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Have fun!

Max reps 50 seconds, 10 seconds rest. 

1. Cross Donkey Kick
2. Jump Rope (or Ropeless Jump)
3. Surfer Burpee
4. Jump Rope
5. Lunge Hop Switch
6. High Knees
7. Mountain Climber
8. High Knees
9. Russian Kicks
10. High Knees
11. Jump Kick (right)
12. Burpee
13. Jump Kick (left)
14. Burpee
15. Punching Side Lunge Hop

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