30 Day Challenge: Day 28: Leg and Thigh Toning Workout (15 Minute HIIT)

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Hi Everyone! 

It’s Day 28 of the 30 Day Workout Challenge! We are winding down with the challenge, but I am excited to start a new challenge next month. 🙂 

Today’s workout is all about the lower body. 

I used two 20 lb dumbbells in this workout, but you can select a weight that is appropriate for you, or even complete this workout with body weight only. I also used a bench to step up onto, but a sturdy chair would work as well. 

This workout combines plyometric movements and strength training moves in a HIIT format. It’s a great workout for burning fat and building lean muscles. 

I hope you enjoy the workout! 

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10/50 Second Intervals. 10 Seconds Rest, 50 Seconds Max Reps. 

1. Jump Squat
2. Dumbbell Squat
3. Side Lunge Jump
4. Weighted Side Lunge
5. Hip Thrust
6. Romanian Deadlift
7. Lunge Jump 
8. Lunge Lift (right)
9. Lunge Lift (left)
10. Plie Jump
11. Goblet Squat
12. High Knees Toe Taps
13. Step-Up
14. Warrior Deadlift (right)
15. Warrior Deadlift (left)

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 28: Leg and Thigh Toning Workout (15 Minute HIIT)

  1. Tony Primett

    Hello Melissa

    Can I just say a very big thank you for bringing us all these workouts for free and you have a very young family how you juggle it wonder never know. I have been trying to complete your original 30 Day workout which is prob very old to you . but I feel different like stronger is that right ?? some days I am not up to it but feel better after complete. I will do your NEW 30 day workout once complete..

    Thanks Tony

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