30 Day Challenge: Day 2: Full Body Fat Melting Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today is Day 2 of my 30 Day Workout Challenge! The challenge is completing a minimum of 15 minutes of exercise per day for 30 days. 

Yesterday I did a 15 minute workout: Day 1: 15 Minute HIIT Core Fat

Today I did a 20 minute interval workout. I modified one of the workouts I did with my boot camp class. I interspersed cardio bursts with max repetitions. The interval breakdown is 30 seconds cardio, 50 seconds max reps. 

This workout is broken into three sections: lower body, core, and arms. You work your entire body, and burn fat at the same time. 

I chose to jump rope, but high knees, jumping jacks, or cardio of choice (anyone up for more froggers?!?) can be substituted. 

I was so motivated by seeing everyone’s check in posts for the challenge that I followed this workout up with a run on the treadmill. I definitely surpassed my goal of 15 minutes per day today. I got in a total of 43 minutes of exercise, and I feel amazing. Thank you guys for the motivation! 

Keep checking in here or on facebook, twitter, and instagram!

See you tomorrow!

30/50: 30 seconds cardio, 50 seconds max reps

1. Surfer Burpee
2. Lift to Side Lunge (right)
3. Lift to Side Lunge (left)
4. Tuck Jump
5. Lunge Jump
6. Down Dog to Knee Drop Plank
7. Leg/Hip Lift
8. Mountain Jumper
9. Bicycle
10. Frog Hopper
11. Rotating Push Up
12. Reverse Forearm Plank
13. Burpee
14. Tricep Push Up (right)
15. Tricep Push Up (left)

31 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge: Day 2: Full Body Fat Melting Workout

  1. Anonymous

    Melissa, my name is also Melissa. Let me start by saying that really enjoy exercising with your videos. I feel like I am getting the real deal. You exercise along the way, not caring to look sweaty. Thank you for your great workouts. I am going to re-start again exercising (too busy with school). So I have almost a month and a half to workout really well. I would like to be toned. I am 5feet tall. I weight 107 pounds and I am 30 years old. Oh and I am vegan. I would like to tone my belly. First because I want to have a flat belly, and second because I have back problems, and I feel that having a strong core would help my back. What routine do you recommend? should i focus in loosing the belly fat that I have by doing cardio or should I work on toning my belly? Thank you Melissa.

  2. Anonymous

    Woohoo!!! Just did this one followed by a 15-minute HIIT workout!
    I am staying really dedicated this month because I may have overindulged during Thanksgiving..oops!
    Thanks for the 30 day challenge, especially during December! 😀

  3. Anonymous

    I started a couple days late but just finished this workout and loved it!! Thanks for what you do Melissa!!
    Ps. I’m in school for being an Occupational Therapist Assistant, it makes you very relate-able!

  4. Day 2 finished! Really hard for me, but I did it. I don’t do as many reps as you. I’m taking it slow and making sure my form is good. Feels really good to feel things move that haven’t moved in over 14 months!!

  5. Melissa, I am so glad I found your blog…I am doing the 30 day challenge and last night I finished day 2..and wow, it was challenging. I loved it. I am looking forward to doing day 3 tonight. You are awesome!

  6. Got one round of this done! And that will be it for this video of Day 2. The burpees almost made my lunch come up. Any advice on how long to wait after eating to exercise? Did this one an hour to an hour and a half after my lunch.

  7. Anonymous

    great workout i really loved this one.i looooove interval workouts…keep up the great workouts i just found your website a couple of days again n i am hooked. Hola all the way from PUERTO RICO

  8. Anonymous

    Thank you for this challenge! I was looking for a routine instead of jumping around on youtube workouts. And this is just perfect for me. I love interval workouts and you are a great motivator. How do you keep smiling through it all? 🙂 I love it and I love you. Thanks again!!! Looking forward to day 3!

  9. amandas4882

    starting day 2! day 1 was tough because I have had 4 C-sections. but I have made a goal to drop a pants size in the next 30 days through diet and exercise and I am determined to do it! thank you for the videos you are posting.

  10. Stareted yesterday. Didn’t quite make it through that one. I shortened the intervals on this one to 20/40 and made it but just barely. Dripping sweat. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks so much for making these available. They’re awesome!

  11. Kristi

    Day 2. This was intense and my arms definitely wanted to give out. Making some modifications to these since I’m not as strong, especially upper body, as you. Gonna be sore but will push through. Thanks for the challenge!

  12. Nicole from Sydney

    Blast from the past… this was sensational and if only you could see me doing skipping with the invisible rope! That’s again Melissa

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