Lean Muscle, Fat Blaster and Jump Rope Workout

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout has two parts (both videos are below). I started off with a 6 minute Jump Rope cardio workout/warm-up. If you want to maximize your benefits during a workout you should always warm up. 

Jumping Rope is also a great stand-alone workout. Check out: Health Benefits of Jumping Rope. You can always add jump roping before or after any workout. I don’t talk about it enough, but you should always warm-up and cool-down to optimize the benefits of your workout. You will be able to complete the workout at a higher intensity, and increase the benefits of your metabolic system if you are warmed up. Stretching should be completed post-workout. 

Part 2 of the workout is a Lean Muscle, Fat Blaster. It’s a great workout for building strength and definition, while simultaneously burning away fat. It’s a HIIT workout, so push during each 50 second interval, and rest for 10 seconds between exercises. Remember to always listen to your body, and work at your own pace. If you are just starting out don’t be discouraged if it’s hard. Write down what you are able to do the first day, and make your goal to improve on that each time you do the workout. 


PS I was in Beast-Mode today so I followed this up with a 4 mile run (at an easy pace) outside with Jesse. I did one round of each of the workouts below. If you aren’t running you can increase the number of rounds, or make it work with your schedule/routine. 

Repeat: 1-3 Times

Repeat: 1-3 Times

1. Burpee
2. Lunge Kick (right)
3. Lunge Kick (left)
4. Plank Lift to Down Dog
5. Table Kick (right)
6. Table Kick (left)
7. Russian Kick Push-up
8. Pendulum Squat
9. Monkey Jump Push-up
10. Lunge Twist

4 thoughts on “Lean Muscle, Fat Blaster and Jump Rope Workout

  1. Thanks for the workout!! I really liked this one 🙂
    I wasn’t very excited to workout tonight, which is odd for me, but you seemed especially pumped today, and that pumped me up and I had a great workout 🙂

  2. jenna

    Great workout! I did the jump rope before and I had trouble with the jacks! and On this were you supose to do plank to down dogs Left and then right leg? I did only right leg then had to finish with left leg at the end! whoops!

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