20 Minute Yoga Flow and Stretch

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout last night. It’s a yoga flow and stretch. It’s quick (20 Minutes), but it felt great to do some yoga. 

With yoga (and any exercise) it’s very important to listen to your body. You want to challenge yourself, but you never want to bounce in any poses (for example trying to touch your toes: reach as far as you can, but don’t bounce up and down to stretch further). 

Also, your balance can vary from one side of your body to the other. I have better balance standing on my right foot than my left. Everyone is different. Challenge yourself. 

I included an inversion in this routine. In the video I talk about supporting the pose through your arms. You do not want to put pressure through your head. If you don’t have the strength to do this yet keep building up to it. 

If you have uncontrolled or poorly controlled high blood pressure, neck problems (herniated disks, etc), or glaucoma skip the headstand. 

Health is more important than attempting to do a yoga pose or exercise. 🙂

Enjoy the workout!

2 thoughts on “20 Minute Yoga Flow and Stretch

  1. Yoga is one of the best exercise I’ve tried. It keeps the mind focused, yet relaxed. It relieved me of stress. I thought this fitness activity is just for women. I did not know there are men that are actually enjoying the benefits from this exercise.

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