15 Minute HIIT: Quick Full Body Workout

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Hi Everyone!

It’s a HIIT day! 🙂

I love interval training, and this full body routine was fun. I was still tired from teaching a boot camp class the other night, but it felt great to get myself moving. 

I hope you all enjoy this routine. If you’re up for it repeat it 2-3 times. 

Have fun!

Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 

1. High Knees
2. Spiderman Push-ups
3. Russians
4. Warrior Deadlift (right)
5. Warrior Deadlift (left)
6. Mountain Climbers
7. Temple Tap Abs
8. Frog Hopper
9. Curtsy Lunge Kick (right)
10. Curtsy Lunge Kick (left)
11. Burpee
12. Heel Tap Plank
13. Plank Pop-Up
14. Plie Squat
15. High Knees

11 thoughts on “15 Minute HIIT: Quick Full Body Workout

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Melissa! My question doesnt really apply to this post but I will ask anyways. I follow your workouts and streches. I am also running an 8K on Thanksgiving.
    Saturday, I had spend the whole day shopping, so my feet were sore. So i decided to stretch. While I was doing the runners lunge stretch. My right knee (the one on the floor) started burning. So I stopped stretching. 5 minutes after I stopped, my knee had swelled and hurt to walk on. Ever since then, i had been icing 2 times a day and wearing a knee brace all day. On Saturday it will have been a week with no running, cardio, or lower body workouts. What do you think I should do? I really dont want to pay a doctor to tell me I need to do what I already am doing. What would you do if you had a race in 2 weeks?
    Thanks alot. I love your workouts by the way.

  2. K B O

    Worked out for 3 yrs then I quit and gained 15lbs and am out of shape. January 1, 2014 found your post by following one of my trainers facebook posts. Just completed day 1 HIIT 30 day challenge. Thank you and keep them coming!!!!!!

  3. fyrpixi

    I know I’m late to the party, but I have it a try anyway. Holy Cow! I’m pretty out of shape and had a hard time finishing all of the moves, but for me that means I need to keep trying until I can complete the exercises all the way through! Thank you for helping women like me try to get back into shape.

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