25 Minute Home Yoga Flow

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Hi Everyone!

This was my workout last night. It’s a 25 minute home yoga flow. It felt great to stretch and work my muscles at the same time. 

As with any workout, be sure to listen to your body. Move purposefully through each movement. Do not overstretch. Go to your limit. No bouncing during stretches. Stretch and hold the position, after a few seconds if you can move more deeply into the stretch go for it. 

Enjoy the workout, there will be a new one later!

8 thoughts on “25 Minute Home Yoga Flow

  1. Anonymous

    Hello Melissa,
    I don’t know were to wright to you so I’m trying here. I just found out your youtube channel and I did my first workout with you yesterday. It was good! I was wondering, do I have to do your workout with another training or just your workout is enought. I want to loose weight around 15 pounds and tone! I love to jog and I do once or twice crossfit a week so to complement my running and crossfit I would like to add your workout. Did you really got in shape only with your workout or you do something else. I would like very much to loose the weight that I don’t like and feel good inside out! Sorry for my writing, I’m french…:o) Hope I get some news from you! Have a nice evening!!

    • Hi, the workouts I post on my blog are the actual workouts that I do. I also run and write about it here (how many miles, etc). It sounds like you have a great foundation in place to achieve your goals. You can add any of these workouts to your existing program. 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Melissa,

      Just a little question, is it better to add one of your workout after my jog or it’s better to do one the day after? I know that I have to be carefull with the food so I’m going to take a look at your recipes and hope it will help! Do you have any tips to help me control my sugar craving.
      Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

    • Tanja

      Sugar craving tip: try not having any sugar at home. When I’m in the right mood,I’d eat everything I’d find, if there isn’t anything, then I just don’t eat it 🙂 and I noticed when I workout and eat whole foods I have less cravings. Or I try to replace sweets with healthy sweet food, now it’s FINALLY watermelon season! 🙂 But it’s hard, I know, I’m a sugar addict too!

  2. Hi Melissa!!
    I am so excited I found you!! I am a Occupational therapy student, and I have entered the magical world of stress eating and sitting around. But No More since I found you!!
    Thanks so Much, you are truly and inspiration!!

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