Yoga Arm Balance: Bakasana (Crane, Crow, Side Crow) How To

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Hi Everyone!

Yesterday I realized that it has been a while since I practiced any yoga arm balances. A lot of people want to achieve crow/crane pose, or side crane. I made this video to show you some ways to get into these poses. 

If you are first starting out it is a really good idea to place a pillow or rolled up mat on the floor in front of you. I don’t want anyone falling on their head! You can even start building to this pose by starting in headstand position, and balancing on your elbows. As you gain strength in your arms and core, and confidence in your ability to support yourself you can move onto the harder variations. 

Bakasana, the Sanskrit word for Crane/Crow (this pose is called both depending on where you take yoga), is the most important arm balance, because it provides a foundation for all other yogic arm balances. It will help strengthen your wrists, arms, core, and back. As you grow stronger and more balanced you will find that you are able to lift yourself higher, and straighten your arms. 
Once you are comfortable with Crane pose you can start experimenting with variations of the pose. To warm up your body you can start with a yoga flow or Sun Salutations

I hope that you all find this video useful! There is a new workout that will be posted soon, so be sure to check back!


Extended Side Crane Pose

Side Crane/Crow Pose

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