NPC Bikini Competition Prep Month 2: Workouts and Meal Ideas

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Hi Everyone,

Month 2 (weeks 5-8) of my bikini prep has come and gone! I took the photo you see above on March 1st, when I still had 4 weeks until competition day. As of yesterday I am now 2 weeks away from stepping on stage for my first NPC competition. 

I have compiled the links to all of the workouts that I did for Month 2 of my 12 week preparation, and I also included links to some of my meals. 

If you are looking for Month 1 (weeks 1-4 of a 12 week prep) you can find that here: My First Bikini Competition Prep: Month 1

Meal Ideas: 

Month 2 Workouts

I have compiled all of my workouts for Month 2 here. If you need ideas for Cardio days check out this post Spice Up Your Cardio Routine:

Day 2: Bikini Ready Tummy Workout and Body Definition Workout (Body Definition Workout was done interval style, 2X through. The breakdown is listed in the information above the Bikini Ready Tummy Workout). 

Day 3: Off

Day 4: Strong and Toned Lower Body: Legs, Thighs, and Butt and 30 minute run on the treadmill. 

Day 5: Off

Day 7: Off

Day 9: No Excuses: 10 Minute Interval Workout and 30 minute easy pace run. 

Day 10: Full Body Toning: Shape and Sculpt and 30 minutes walking intervals on the treadmill. 

Day 11: Off

Day 12: Tight Tush and Tummy Workout and 30 minute run.

Day 14: Off

Day 17: Cardio Burst Fat Blast and 30 Minute Run. 

Day 18: Off

Day 19: Fitness Transformation Workout 7 and Treadmill 5K (3.1 Miles)

Day 20: Bender Boot Camp (Interval style)

Day 22: Off
Day 23: Thigh and Tummy Trimmer and 30 Minutes of Inclined Interval Walking. 

Day 24: Get a Tight Body at Home Workout and 30 Minute Walk on the Treadmill. 

Day 25: Long Run. 60 Minutes. 

Day 26: 30 Minute Run. 

Day 27: I taught a 60 Minute yoga class. Here is a good alternative: 23 Minute Yoga Fitness Flow
Day 28: Off

14 thoughts on “NPC Bikini Competition Prep Month 2: Workouts and Meal Ideas

  1. So excited to get started in the morning. I have been running low on my gym-mojo and all the variety here is so great! I think it will accompany my triathlon training perfectly. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making these available and free!! So fun and finally something different!

  2. Hi, love your post. I’d think that for a chef, eating frequent meals wouldn’t be an issue. Yes, I understand the concept: Five small meals a day takes the edge off your appetite, evens out blood sugar levels, and keeps your energy steady. But I confess: I don’t always eat this way. Although my fitness trainer encourages me to eat healthy food every few hours, my meals usually look like this: coffee, a bit more coffee, lunch at 3 p.m., dinner at 9 p.m. Then I start over again the next morning.
    Good day! @Nadia Smith

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  4. Kira

    Are those rest days optional or placed in that specific order for a reason? I prefer to workout on certain days so I can actually workout without being interrupted, so I was just going to follow the order but continue through them until the days I normally rest. BTW I like the way you incorporate pure lifting workouts as well as the more cardio type workouts. It’s nice not having to jump and bounce every single day of the week.

    • benderfitness

      Hi Kira, You can adjust the workouts to fit your own schedule. πŸ™‚ As long as you are getting the workouts in, and paying attention to your body’s signals you will be right on track.

  5. Steph

    Help, please! Do you have any suggestions on working up to dive bombers? I try so hard…and it feels like beached whale flops ☹️ It’s not pretty…but I would love to get there…how?

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