Tummy Toning Fat Burn

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*Workout Video and Breakdown Below
Hi Everyone!

Who is up for some tummy time? Everyone wants a strong core, and sexy abs. This workout will definitely challenge every part of your core. Say goodbye to love handles and muffin tops, and hello to a tight, toned stomach. 

When working the core it’s important to strengthen all of the muscles of your abdomen, while simultaneously burning any fat that is hiding your abs. This workout incorporates moves that tone your muscles, and challenge your cardiovascular system at the same time. 

I went through this workout twice, and followed it with 2 miles on the treadmill to add some extra cardio to my day. November and December were difficult for me to get in my normal workouts and eating habits, and I was super tired. Now that I started getting my workouts back on track my energy level, and eating habits have followed. 

I often find that the more consistent my workouts are, the more healthy the rest of my choices are as well. Working out can make you more aware of what your body needs. Be sure to listen!

Enjoy the workout,

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Beginner: 10 reps, 30 seconds timed
Intermediate: 15 reps, 45 seconds timed
Advanced: 20 reps, 60 seconds timed

Repeat 1-3X

1. Boat Tap
2. Frogger (timed)
3. Leg Circle Situps
4. Plank Jump (timed)
5. Reverse Double Situp
6. Plank Jack (timed)
7. Oblique Leg Raise (right)
8. Oblique Leg Raise (left)
9. Cheek to Cheek Plank (timed)
10. Superman Crunch Twist

18 thoughts on “Tummy Toning Fat Burn

  1. I just found this site today, and I had been looking for sotmething or someone to follow with good workouts and a varity of them. I love it. I’m starting all the way from the beginning just because I’m not in great shape and I want to be healthy and fit but in a safe way. So my first workwout was from your fist post and I’m going to do the day by day schedule. I loved the workout. Thank you so much Melissa for sharing this with us and you are great in your videos in explaining them. I can’t wait to see results!

  2. Anonymous

    One of the best abdominal/core workouts I’ve ever done, and trust me, I’ve tried quite a few. Thank you so much Melissa for always posting amazing workouts! I always can count on your workouts to get my blood flowing and heart pumping!

  3. Hey I’ve tried this workouts for a week now and I’ve been very strict, I’m doing the advanced level and I really think that I’m more tired that when I do my regular gym exercise with a lot of weight *o*…by chance I found your website and the 12 weeks workout program and I’m telling you I’m going for it!!! I will compete!!

  4. Somewhere I heard that the exercise you call cheek to cheek plank is called “rainbow plank” (like drawing a rainbow in the air with the butt) and ever since I have used this name. It’s sooo cute. The exercise is cruel but the name sounds fun 😀 Okay, I like the exercise, too.

  5. Mariana

    It was horribly amazing!!! still need some endurance for all of the “timed” exercises… by the second round I could do less than 30 seconds… but I have to be patient. Thank you!

  6. Eric

    Day 11 completed!!
    Wow, yes, Mr. Bender, you’re right. Melissa, you have a sweet but ominous giggle before a hard exercise! Ha ha ha ha!
    Those plank jumps… Oh wow! I had to take pauses to keep up a good pace. Very challenging!
    Thank you for this workout. Can’t wait for tomorrow ‘s!

  7. CrisM

    Thank you so much for this series, especially including your eating plan and daily routine. What a resource! Do you have suggestions for a quick but effective warmup? Hip flexors especially got tight quickly on this one.

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