Full Body Fitness Makeover: Happy New Year!

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Hi Everyone!
Happy New Year! I am going into 2013 full speed ahead, with plenty of goals and a bit long “to do” list of things I want to achieve this year. I will be sharing my goals with you guys in a post later today. 🙂 
Today’s workout video and breakdown is posted below. It’s a tough full body workout. I went through it once and then ran 2 miles on the treadmill. I am planning on going through it one more time tonight before I take my shower this evening. 
This workout is challenging. It’s a full body workout that will get your heart rate up and help you burn fat. I tried to move quickly between exercises to maximize the benefits to my metabolism. It’s a great one for all over toning, body sculpting, and fat burning. It took me 18 minutes to go through it one time. 
I hope you guys enjoy the workout! I would love to hear what your resolutions are so feel free to leave a comment here, or on my facebook page
Have a great start to the year!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

Repeat 1-3X

1. High Knees
2. Reverse Lunge Step Up (right)
3. High Side Plank Reach Through (right)
4. Reverse Lunge Step Up (left)
5. High Side Plank Reach Through (left)
6. Temple Tap Abs
7. Plank Jumps
8. Squat Jump
9. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (right)
10. 1 Leg Hip Thrust (left)

70 thoughts on “Full Body Fitness Makeover: Happy New Year!

  1. Anonymous

    Wowzr Melissa that work out just kicked my butt!! Goes to show you how out of shape I am… Sheesh! Ill be back tomorrow! Thanks again!


    • I never thought you could do a home based workout but this really works its alot more intense than just being in the gym any way I find you waste time setting up equipment. What size dumbells are you using I have to get a set this weekend 🙂

  2. Hi Melissa, just thought I’d let you know how awesome I think your workouts are. I love the variety of moves and the different parts of my body they work. I’ve been incorporating them into my workout routine for the past few months, and I love the things that I’m seeing happen in my core and my shoulders. Your workouts are also perfect for moms, which I am, especially ones who are stuck at home. It’s easy for me to write down a workout, turn on a movie for the kiddo, and then do it while she has movie time. Anyway, I’ve been following you for a while and just thought I’d let you know that I love what you are doing!


  3. Melissa I just did this workout twice and let me tell you that I love it so much Im all sweaty like hell lol thanks melissa so much and I was gonna ask you, do you think this is enough or I need to do another workout to have results in one month???

  4. ayelet saar

    just did it twice. first time i followed you. second time by my own 12.38 minutes. im all sweat and pain……what a great feeling!! thank you melissa. you are the best!

  5. I thought i’m an intermediate, and i found out to be still a beginner with this workout, i was just dying at the 3th set! Wow, thanks for sharing it with us, Melissa!!

  6. Hi Melissa,
    I did this w/o and loved/hated it 🙂 I did two rounds of 15 rep each and on my way to run/jog/walk/crawl…. the two miles. I am challenging myself to your two month bikini challenge, I will post every workout. THanks for the inspiration.

  7. Lauri-b

    I just discovered your blog and I am going to start following your contest prep. I am not competing with anyone other than myself but I am trying to get into shape after having a baby. Thanks for the awesome workouts!!

  8. Anonymous

    I just stumbled onto this blog and I think it’s great! I’m going to start tonight. Thank you, you’re an inspiration!

  9. You are definitely an inspiration for me, I weigh 70 Kg s, I am planning to start this from today it self. I want to reach atleast 58 KG by December. 🙂 crossing fingers, i hope to make it. 🙂

    Thanks a bunch for these amazing videos.
    Best regards,

  10. I’m really excited to start your bikini comp. workouts! I’ll be starting them tomorrow, and will update my progress to my blog. Thank you for posting such great workouts!

  11. Wow. That was the hardest workout I’ve done in a long time, but I was able to complete it because it was short and sweet. You just gave me a great workout, motivation, and SUCCESS, which is huge. Plus, there’s something so helpful about how you smile when you’re done with a set. Thanks for making this Mama’s day.

  12. Debbi

    I’m challenging myself to your bikini workout thing (= Thank you Melissa, you’re amazing! You make it hard to make excuses 😉

  13. I just finished this workout 2 times through in 30 minutes. Today I started this challenge and even though I had to modify a couple moves (reach throughs and step ups) it was still an awesome workout!! My 10 year old daughter did it with me too 😉 Thanks for ALL you do and for these AWESOME workouts!

  14. Anonymous

    I just stumbled onto your site from pinterest and am already in LOVE with this! So awesome and great resources! I haven’t looked through everything yet, but my biggest struggle with trying to set up weight training or things other than cardio is that I don’t know how to set up a plan. What should I target on what days like on a 5 day schedule? Arms and abs one day and back and legs the next?

  15. Anonymous

    I’m at work watching your post.. .and I’m exhausted just from watching it. Cant wait to get home and try it out. Really need to get my shit together and at least try to get my body back into shape from having a baby 12 months ago. Thanks for the motivation. 🙂

  16. Today starts day 1 of the 12 week bikini competition prep. This is the second time going through this workout series you put together. I finished it yesterday with a nice cardio day (it was you NPC results day). I was so impressed with the setup of this program and the results I got that I decided to do it again 🙂

  17. Hi Melissa, I used to have a toned-muscle body, due to personal struggles including financial I lost a lot of weight unfortunate I am back to a size 2 but I have lost all of mass muscle so my legs are not longer tone, my back, etc. 🙁 I love your website. Do you think your routine would help me to build my mass muscle back? Thank you.

  18. Sassy

    Ive worked out for almost 28 years & Your workouts are very challenging & exactly what i need to push myself more & get more toned and lose some body fat. Not making excuses but at my hormonal age of 54, it seems harder to rid the last bit of lower belly fat! I’m in good shape & workout 5 x week , but not exactly where i want to be=Great shape! I am not so much concerned with the scale but the size of jeans I prefer which is a size 8 & I’m wearing 10’s! :/ My diet is pretty good but can def be lots better & in mode of transforming back to more cleaner eating, low carb diet, lots veggies, lean meats, low sugar and minimal refined foods! The eating has been more challenge for me than working out part! I am very excited to have found your web site, workouts & meal suggestions! Melissa, THANKS ALOT & will be doing your workouts often!! YOU ROCK & Look Amazing! Sallina aka Sassy

  19. Ran a marathon last fall and then fell completely off the wagon. Starting my fitness up again (finally) and my goal for 2016 is a bikini competition. In doing my research, I found YOU, and thank goodness! I’m definitely lagging in my fitness, but I won’t be for long with this program. One round of today’s workout just kicked my tail, which is great, because I’m about to follow your program to the letter for the next 12 weeks (my husband will be my chef, so he’s participating now too)! Thanks so much for all of this!

  20. I usually just live heavy weights and occasionally do stairmaster. I did day 1 of this yesterday thinking it was going to be a breeze. I wasn’t. And today i realize it murdered my quads and i don’t even know how. Maybe it was the squat and plank jumps. Anyway, hope i make it through day 2 today.

  21. Joy

    HI Melissa. Congratulations on your baby. I have been incorporating some of your workouts with others for some time now. I was looking at some of your workout plans and schedules and had a question. For instance In your 12 wk bikini workout plan for day 1. When I click on that workout. Is the description you have written about what u did for bikini prep. Did u do the workout once with a 2 mile run and then the workout again later or did u just do that single workout that day. I guess what I’m asking is the description of each day’s link what u did including the number of times and extra cardio or did u just do that single workout. Sorry if I haven’t made any since :). Thank you for your time. Joy

  22. Joy

    Hi Melissa. Congratulations on your baby :). I have been incorporating your workouts in with some others for awhile now. I was looking at some of your workout plans and schedules and had a question. For instance with your bikini workout plan on day 1. Did you do just that workout by itself or did you do everything as you have described in that day’s description. For example did you do that workout and a 2 mile run with that workout again later that day or did u do just that single workout. Sorry if im confusing :). Thank you for your time 🙂

  23. Hi Melissa! I suffer from SFBS (Serious Flat Butt Syndrome) and have started to weight train my glutes in the gym (3 times per week). I am already seeing results! But, I am also overweight and wanted to start this Challenge to help with fitness and weight loss. I want to be mindful of over-training the glutes…what suggestions do you have for how I can use your workouts to complement my glute weight training? Many thanks, and wishing you a healthy and wonderful birth experience! I have two Littles, and I can still remember their births in vivid detail.

  24. Melissa, sorry if this is a re-post. I have recently started weight training my glutes at the gym (2-3 days per week) since I have a serious flat butt. I love your workouts – just trying to figure out how to best incorporate them while being mindful of overtraining. Wishing you a healthy delivery! I went to 42 weeks with BOTH my boys. Time seems to slow down when you want to meet your Littles 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    This was a great workout! I just started preparing for a bikini comp. and I don’t have time to hit the gym everyday because I have little ones in camps and sports. Thank you!

  26. Micky

    Decided I needed to get fit again… so I decided to challenge myself to the 12 week bikini workout…
    I just did day one and I am dead. Feels so good!
    thank you soooo much for creating this and making it free! so many 12 week challenges are super exy, and not everyone has the luxury of spending money on that, so thanks 🙂

  27. Charlotte

    I’m so excited I’m planning on starting your 12week program in a couple days, need to get groceries and prep meals to get started.
    I’m glad you came up in my research. My plan is to compete in bikini competition 2016. This year isn’t over. I have my sights on a competition in November with your help and my dedication we’ll see how I do!!!

  28. Dannie

    Melissa, you mentioned that you were going to do the workout again in the evening. how late do you workout, and do you eat afterwards? I normally workout in the morning time and I would like to incorporate your 30 challenge to maximize my calorie burn, but I worry about how late I should be working out and eating too late.

    • benderfitness

      I eat late in the evening, there is no research to show that stopping eating at a particular time is better for your body. That said, the one time that late night eating is a problem is when it is “extra eating” or binge snacking. For example, if you hit your calorie goal for the day, and you stay up and eat a bunch of food that’s not going to help you achieve your goals.

      I try to get to my workouts by 6 or 7 pm, but I have worked out as late as 9 or 10 at night. Also, you will have to see how your body responds, some people have increased energy after working out and it causes them difficulty with sleeping. 🙂 I hope this information helped!

  29. Jenna Hamill

    I’m not entering a competition but this seems like a great program. I completed this workout today and it was fun but definitely challenging! I have a hard time sticking to a program so I really hope I can see this one through.

  30. Emily Hosch

    Hey Melissa,
    I am hoping to do a Bikini competition sometime between December 2017 and March 2018. I just had a baby in January and have a long way to go to get back to were I was before was pregnant. I have been building muscle but have not leaned down. What should I be doing to get myself ready before I even do the 12 week training before competition? I am not looking to win anything, it is just a person challenge for myself. Any input would be appreciated!!!!


    • benderfitness

      Hi Em,

      You are on the right track! Build lean muscle, incorporate some HIIT and Cardio to maintain lean muscle, and start burning fat. Congratulations on your little one!!! Let me know how it is going.


      • Anonymous

        One more question for you…currently I have been doing 30 minute treadmill interval workouts and then I do about 30 minutes of 50/10 intervals with weights 4 to 5 time a week, since about the end of March. I only hit each muscle or muscle group about 1 time per week and I am thinking of switching to a weight lifting program were I hit each muscle twice each week (reps/sets instead of 50/10 interval) but that will cut into my treadmill workouts quite a bit… What are your thoughts. Would you recommend to keep doing what I am doing or make the switch??? As you know with kids, time and timing are everything so totally want to get the most benefit out of my workouts!

        Thanks Melissa for your input, I have so say you are so wonderful(: I love your work out videos! They have really helped me out with working out from home with two little ones and incorporating new exercises into my workout routine!!


        • benderfitness

          I’m so sorry for taking so long to respond. You may have already adjusted your schedule. You can certainly still get a great burn and muscle results with the weights. I wouldn’t worry too much about cutting into your treadmill time. Resistance training burns calories, and has the added bonus of increasing your metabolism. More muscle = more calories burned all day long.

          If you ended up modifying I would love to hear how it is going.

    • benderfitness

      You certainly can! Adding weights will help add muscle. You can modify the workouts by adding dumbbells in wherever possible. I do incorporate several weighted workouts into the 12-week bikini prep program as well. 🙂

  31. benderfitness


    I did not do any more than the challenge lists. Everything you see is exactly what I did. 🙂

    The 12-Week Challenge remains one of my favorites, because I felt that it helped me with my all over athleticism and health. 🙂

    I hope that you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any questions along the way.

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