Fitness Transformation: Workout 4 Interval Fat Burner

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Hi Everyone!

The workout video and breakdown are both below. 🙂 Josh is back for another workout as he continues his fitness transformation. I am already seeing improvements in his endurance! As soon as he was done with this workout he walked on the treadmill for 15 minutes. 

He has been working out every other day, repeating workout 1-3 in the Fitness Transformation series we have been doing. This was his first interval workout, and it provided the perfect challenge, but Josh pushed though it! 

I am getting really excited to repeat the fit test so Josh can see how much he has improved. 

I hope you guys enjoy the workout! 

I will see you tomorrow with a brand new one. 

All Levels: Max reps during each 20 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises

1. Squat Jump
2. Side Plank Lift (right)
3. Side Plank Lift (left)
4. High Knees
5. V-Up
6. Frogger
7. Lunge Kick (right)
8. Lunge Kick (left)

Repeat 1-3X

4 thoughts on “Fitness Transformation: Workout 4 Interval Fat Burner

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Melissa
    I’m a freshman in college. I’m very athletic and playing soccer at my college but its off-season and I’m trying to maintain my health and fitness. I love your website and I’ve been telling all my friends about it. I live off campus and I can’t run outside yet. Without a treadmill at my home either, I was wondering if I could substitute jogging/walking with jump roping? I love jump roping but I don’t know how many calories it burns and how long I would have to jump rope in order to get the same effects as jogging.

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