15 Minute Home Workout

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Hi Everyone,

This was my workout last night. I went through this once, and then followed it with a 3 mile run on the treadmill, and 10 minutes walking to cool down. We had another snow storm last night, so it felt great to stay inside and get warm and sweaty! 

I am also focusing on spending more time stretching. Flexibility helps decrease your risk of injury, and promotes appropriate postural alignment. I have noticed that my left hip flexor is a bit tight, and that can have a negative impact on your posture. That means you should expect some more yoga flows in the near future. 
I hope you guys enjoy this quick, full body workout. It’s a fun one! If you have time you can repeat it a few times to increase the workout intensity!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps

Repeat 1-3X

1. Side Frogger
2. Narrow Stance Squat
3. Angel Abs
4. Side Step Up Kick (right)
5. Side Step Up Kick (left)
6. Balanced Bicycle
7. 3 Point Side Tap (right)
8. 3 Point Side Tap (left)
9. Plank Lift

5 thoughts on “15 Minute Home Workout

  1. Hi Melissa, I’ve been doing the 30 day challenge that you posted last year, I guess (not the newest one you’re doing). I love your workouts and they’re a nice change up from Bodyrock – new moves and formats. You and your husband are adorable together too 🙂 I’ve read a few comments that people asked him to stop talking but I enjoy hearing you two interact. Thank you for the awesome workouts and I love your blog!

    I have a blog too if you would like to check it out:

  2. Anonymous

    I’m curious, do you do site maintenance sometime in the early am? I work out at 5:30am and the videos seem to be unavailable at that time.

  3. Jen

    Agreed, the 3-point side taps were very hard. A new exercise for me, so fun as well! Thanks for a great workout, I love keeping in shape because of you.

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