Plank It Out (10-Minute Body Burn): Home Workout

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All Levels: Max reps during each 50 second interval, 10 seconds of rest between exercises. 

1. 1 Leg Frogger (right)
2. 1 Leg Frogger (left)
3. Bird Dog (right)
4. Bird Dog (left)
5. Up Dog Knee Drop Plank
6. Speed Skater
7. Crunch Plank
8. Ball Bridge
9. Side Plank Knee (right)
10. Side Plank Knee (left)

Repeat 1-3X

Hi Everyone!

I went through this workout two times today, and I followed it up with a run outside. The weather was much warmer today, and I wanted to take advantage of it. I got in 3.5 miles, which took a little over 30 minutes. 

I still sound a little bit raspy, but I am actually feeling a lot better after working out then I did before hand. I am a firm believer in listening to the signals your body is giving you so I took yesterday off to rest and heal. I took a nap and got some extra sleep. I felt better today, and even though I am not 100% I felt ready to get back to working out. I am also taking my vitamins, and making sure I get healthy meals to help get my body back on track. 

Today’s workout uses movements that will work and challenge your entire body. It’s interval style, so your heart rate should stay high throughout. Interval workouts help you to achieve optimal fat burning, and rev your metabolism for hours post workout. 

If planking is difficult on your wrists, you may want to invest in pushup bars, which help maintain your wrists in a neutral position during planks and pushups. This can decrease the pressure on the carpal tunnel, and ease any discomfort you might feel. 

I hope you guys enjoy the workout! See you tomorrow with a new one! 

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