Work It All Out Glute Bender-Take 2

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Hi Everyone,

This is the workout I did last night. The video and breakdown is below. Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the day I started this blog. I have now uploaded 242 different workout videos, and shared the workouts that I have done to stay in shape for the past year. 

In honor of that anniversary I repeated the very first workout I ever shared. It’s still a tough workout, but I did it on the advanced level, completing 25 reps of each exercise, and then I followed it up with one quick mile on the treadmill (6.5 min/mile pace, or 9.1 speed on the treadmill). 

A lot has changed in the past year, both in my life and my level of fitness. I have been working on posting monthly breakdowns of my workouts for the past year, to make everything easily accessible. The first four months of my workouts have been posted under a new tab: Weekly and Monthly Workout Schedules. You will be able to see all of the workouts I have done, in the order I did them. Or you can always mix and match as you see fit. 

Thank you to everyone who has joined me in improving your health and fitness this year. 🙂


PS Right before my workout last night Gambit decided to dive, and hide under my mat. It was so adorable I had to share a picture!

Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 25 reps

Original Glute Bender Video

1. Spiderman Plank Leg Lift (right)
2. Spiderman Plank Leg Lift (left)
3. Warrior 3 Squat (alternating sides)
4. Heel Tap Abs
5. Leg Series (right)
6. Leg Series (left)
7. Ball Leg Lifts
8. Butt Ball Lifts
9. Plie Jumps
10. Sumo Squat
11. Wall Sit Leg Lift (right)
12. Wall Sit Leg Lift (left)
13. Side Plank Hip Drop (right)
14. Side Plank Hip Drop (left)

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