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Hi Everyone,

I was planning on filming a workout tonight, but after cross country practice this morning I took a really long nap. In a little while I will be leaving for my sister’s annual Halloween costume party. Maybe I can get some of the party goers to Burpee with me. That would be an interesting video. 🙂 

The majority of my running this week was with the Cross Country team. They had their WPIAL race on Thursday. We have three kids who qualified for states next week. All of the kids have put in really hard work and improved their times, and I am incredibly proud of the entire team. Running is the one sport where if you put in the time, mileage and effort you will improve. Every single person on the team has done that. This was a lighter training week because of the race. 

The weather for WPIALs was gorgeous, but it added an extra challenge for the kids because they have acclimated to training in the cooler fall weather. They ran in 80 degree temperatures with no wind. Many kids collapsed from the heat and were unable to complete the race, or had to crawl across the finish line. Thankfully all of the kids from our team (boys and girls) made it through. 

Cross Country Girls at WPIALs
Cross Country Boys
I hope you guys have a great weekend. I will definitely have a new workout video posted tomorrow so check back. 


Here is a list of my runs for this week:

Sunday: 6.75 Mile Run with Jesse. Very easy pace (meaning you can talk comfortably) for 58 minutes. Our run included plenty of nice steep hills. It’s impossible not to run hills where we live, unless you are on the track. 

Monday: 5 100 yard sprints, with jog back rest periods. Plus 3 miles easy. 

Tuesday: 3 miles and 5 interval sprints. 3 100 yard (football field) sprints, and 2 track straight away sprints, while jogging the curves of the track to recover. 

Wednesday: 2 mile easy run, plus warm-up and stretches at the track. 

Thursday: WPIAL race. My running was sprinting from one part of the course to the next to cheer on the kids. I considered it an active rest day. 

Friday: 4 Miles Easy: 34 minutes, 24 seconds. 

Saturday: 3 Miles Easy. 

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