Intense 8 Minute Ab Workout Real Time

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Hi Everyone!

This is part 2 of today’s workout. It’s 8 Minutes of Ab and core focused exercise. This one will help work on burning any fat that might be covering your abs, while strengthening and shaping those muscles for nice firm, definition. This workout really hits all sections of the abs including: love handles, lower belly (the tummy pouch area), and your entire mid section. 

You probably already know that just strengthening your muscles doesn’t give you a six pack, you also need to be burning fat. Interval style workouts are huge fat burners, plus I incorporated some cardio based ab moves. You should be sweating by the end of this workout! 


PS Don’t forget to do part 1! Cardio Fat Stripper and if you’re feeling brave try the Pushup Challenge

1. Jumping Jack Plank
2. Heel Tap Abs
3. Toe Touch Situps
4. Hip Twist
5. Frogger
6. Side Plank with Elbow Twist (right)
7. Side Plank with Elbow Twist (left)
8. Pendulum Abs

5 thoughts on “Intense 8 Minute Ab Workout Real Time

  1. Anonymous

    Great workout! What are your thoughts on working your abs every day? Do they need a recovery day in between workouts? Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Anonymous

    You have a youtube video which claims this excersize can get a person flat abs in 10 days. I wanted to know if this is true? Will I really get flat abs in 10 days if I do this excersise? Thanks 🙂

  3. O My.. your workouts are so intense but do they ever make me feel just great afterwards, I’ve been looking everywhere for a site like yours, I have 3 kids under 3 years of age so naturally I haven’t time for the gym, so I’ve been looking for a site like this one where I can follow but you also explain how the moves are to be done, Thanks for your wonderful blog spot, and thanks to you my fitness journey will be an easier one, thank you 🙂

  4. Mick

    The way you push yourself to your limit shows us that you are not just a pretty, in shape, girl. You are a very strong woman and that is a seriously impressive display of strength!

  5. Hey Melissa, I have been browsing your site for a month now and I have been really enjoying it. I’m about to go on a 1 year trip around the world, so I will using your videos in my hotel room to keep fit during this time. Just wanted to comment to show my appreciation for everything that you do on here!

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