Tight and Fit Home Workout

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Hi Everyone,

I can’t believe it’s Sunday again! Days just seem to be flying by. Last week was very hectic for me. I was finishing up my first full-time fieldwork placement, tomorrow I start a new one. I still have plenty of great workouts planned for this week. 

Today’s workout was fun. Afterwards I did a 3.5 mile run outside. It took 30 minutes and 28 seconds, and included one very long hill, and plenty of smaller inclines. 🙂

Also, I have launched a new facebook page. If you want to be updated immediately when I post a new work be sure to like the new page: www.facebook.com/melissabenderfitness

I have some fun stuff planned for my blog in the near future, and I will be updating everyone on that soon. In the meantime I hope you have fun with today’s workout!


Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps
NOTE: For the Leg series I did 10 of each movement (30 total), Beginners do 5 (15 total), Intermediate do 8 (24 total).

Warm Up: 5 Minutes of Jump Rope and 1 full Sun Salutation

1. Lunge Jump
2. Walking Pushups
3. Leg Series (right) 
4. Leg Series (left)
5. Dive Bomber/Up-Down Dog
6. V-Up Toe Touch
7. Crab Reach
8. Side Plank Twist/Drop (right)
9. Side Plank Twist/Drop (left)
10. Heel Tap Abs with Hip Lift

Cool Down: 5 minutes of Jump Rope, 1 full Sun Salutation

Cardio: 30 minute run outside. If you don’t want to run you can always increase your jump rope time, or do the 15 minute high intensity cardio workout. 

2 thoughts on “Tight and Fit Home Workout

  1. Anonymous

    hey, your page is gorgeous 🙂 can you please tell how many times do you repeat the whole circuit? or any other circuit?? it never sais so I was wondering 🙂 tenx

    • If it doesn’t say how many times I repeat than I only went through it once. In this workout, I did this in addition to a 3.5 mile run. If I wasn’t running I would have repeated 3-4 times.

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