No More Trouble Spots!

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Hi Everyone!
It’s almost the weekend! J What are you doing this weekend that fits into a healthy lifestyle? February marks the time of year when swimsuits miraculously start turning up in department stores. It’s the first reminder that spring and summer are on their way once again (at least here in the States!)
I believe that fitness shouldn’t just be a technique you use to hit a goal, it should be a lifestyle change. However, I also believe that whatever motivates you to be healthier is a good thing! So if bikini season is a motivator for you I want you to grab that motivation and run with it (literally!)
Today’s workout will really work those trouble spot areas that people find traditionally difficult to tone. Of course you can’t “spot treat” in the sense of selecting a body part to lose weight from, however, you can strengthen and tone muscles in your more troublesome areas. This workout will target your abs, love handles, saddle bags, arms, and butt.
Also, try to fit in some cardio today to increase your fat burning and boost your metabolism.
Enjoy the workout,

No More Trouble Spots
Beginner (B): 15 reps unless otherwise noted
Intermediate (I): 25 reps unless otherwise noted
Advanced (A): 30 reps unless otherwise noted
1.       Burpees (B: 10, I: 15, A: 20)
2.       Cross Jack
3.       Heel Tap Abs
4.       Right Situps
5.       Left Situps
6.       Mountain Climber Cross
7.       Spiderman Pushups (B: 10, I: 15, A: 20)
8.       Butterfly Situps
9.       Right Leg Lifts
10.   Left Leg Lifts
11.   Ceiling Press Situps with Leg Extension

2 thoughts on “No More Trouble Spots!

  1. Wonderful workout! Not very intense, but so enjoyable… 🙂 Thanks, Melissa! My time for the advanced version: 23:33. I didn’t want to do cardio today, so I only added to this workout 500 high knees, it took me 2:54. With a little extra effort you can get a lot of extra rewards, yes? 🙂

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