Home Yoga Flow: Melissa Bender Fitness

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Hi Everyone,

Today I filmed a yoga workout. It’s a basic, full body routine. Yoga is amazing (for a multitude of reasons!) but one of my favorite things about it is that it helps correct any imbalances in your body. You work your entire body, and strengthen areas that you didn’t know were weak. It also helps keep your muscles long and supple.

In addition to this yoga flow I also ran two miles today. So I did about 15 minutes of cardio, plus the 25 minute yoga workout.

Enjoy and have a great night.


4 thoughts on “Home Yoga Flow: Melissa Bender Fitness

  1. Today is my lazy day 🙂 I was looking for some not very challenging workout, so chose this. I did 16 minutes of skipping, and then the Yoga Flow. It was very nice and enjoyable, especially the last stretching poses. Thanks, Melissa!

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