Fantastic Butt Shaper: Melissa Bender Fitness

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Hi Everyone,
Tonight’s workout focuses on your glutes, and thighs. There will be a brand new workout tomorrow. I am going to try to make up for lost time this week. I had to miss a couple of workouts because I wasn’t feeling well. I’m all better now though!
In tonight’s workout I use weights and a stability ball, but I show bodyweight variations for all of the exercises as well. So you can work out at your level and build up when you repeat this workout in the future.
Have a great night,

Fantastic Butt Shaper
Beginner: 15 reps, 30 for bicycle and hip lift
Intermediate: 20 reps, 40 for bicycle and hip lift
Advanced: 25 reps, 50 for bicycle and hip lift
1.       Good Mornings
2.       Mountain Climber
3.       Ball Tuck (butt)
4.       Ball Pull-in (abs)
5.       Leg Circles (with or without ball) Right
6.       Leg Circles Left
7.       Single Leg Deadlift (Weighted Warrior) (right)
8.       Single Leg Deadlift (Weighted Warrior) (left)
9.       Squat
10.   Bicycle
11.   Hip Lift
12.   Side Lying Leg Lift (left)
13.   L Leg Lift (left)
14.   Side Lying Leg Lift (right)
15.   L Leg Lift (right)

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