7 Moves to a Sexier Body

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Hi Everyone,
Today’s workout is short, but effective. It works your legs, especially your hamstrings and glutes, your entire core, and your arms.
Confession time, I am sick today. I have a fever, and am feeling pretty weak. I probably shouldn’t have worked out at all, but I was feeling better for a little while. I only went through the workout once because I could tell that was all my body could take. I probably should have just taken the day off and rested. The reason I am sharing this is because it’s a “what not to do” story. If you aren’t feeling good don’t push it! It was dumb of me to do, and I’m not feeling so hot now as a result.
Anyway, even though the workout is short, it should still be challenging. Have a great night!

7 Moves to a Sexier Body
Beginner: 10 reps, repeat 2X
Intermediate: 15 reps, repeat 2X
Advanced: 20 reps, repeat 3X
1.       Weighted Warrior (left)
2.       Weighted Warrior (right)
3.       Butt Walker
4.       Heel Tap Abs
5.       Hip Lift
6.       Ab Wringer
7.       Walking Pushups

One thought on “7 Moves to a Sexier Body

  1. Amazing full body no-cardio workout! Butt Walkers are so hard for back, and ab exercises are also very exhausting 🙂 Thanks, Melissa! The advanced version of this workout took me 49:14 (Weighted Warriors with 8 kg kettlebell).

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