Quick Fix Fitness Challenge

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Hi Everyone,
Today’s workout is a fitness challenge. The workout consists of only 5 exercises, but it will strengthen and tone your entire body. You will go through the set of these five exercises, four times. For an additional challenge you can write down your reps and how long it took you to do the entire workout. Then in a month or two you can try it again, and see if you’ve improved! For me seeing improvements in time or my ability to do more reps is very motivating.
Make sure you stretch after the workout, and keep good form throughout.
Tomorrow I am going to be doing a very challenging full body workout so be sure to check back!

Quick Fix Fitness Challenge
Warmup: 15 minutes of cardio (I did jump roping, other options include running, high knees, and jumping jacks)
1.       Plié Jumps
2.       Scissor abs with hip lift
3.       Burpees
4.       Side plank leg lift (left)
5.       Side Plank leg lift (right)
Repeat 4X
Beginner: 10 reps per exercise. You will be completing a 200 rep challenge.
Intermediate: 15 reps per exercise. You will be completing a 300 rep challenge.
Advanced: 20 reps per exercise. You will be completing a 400 rep challenge.

One thought on “Quick Fix Fitness Challenge

  1. A fitness challenge? For me it was a mental challenge at first 🙂 4 killer rounds, 80 burpees, 160 side plank leg lifts… before the first round I thought it’s impossible. But I did it, wow 🙂 It was one of the hardest workouts for me, Melissa. My time for the rep part: 42:51. And 15 minutes of cardio at first, of course 🙂 Thank you very much for this tough challenge!

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