Don’t have a Fitness Stall!

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Hi Everyone,
I have been thinking a lot about things that derail people from their fitness goals. Maybe it’s the holiday season and all of the rich foods, and obligations that take up free time. Maybe it’s the winter weather. It just seems easier to workout when it’s nice outside. It could be school (finals, papers and presentations are looming for me too!) Kids, work, and life in general takes a lot of time. Sometimes it feels like there’s no time left over for you to do anything, much less make time for a workout.
First of all, fitness is more than just exercise. It’s a way of life. You need to find a balance for all of your occupations (by that I mean anything you occupy your time with). Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to dedicate to exercise it will be to your benefit. It may sound crazy, but you deserve a little bit of that time that you are dedicating to everyone and everything else. The time is yours, so decide to spare a little bit of it for taking care of yourself.
The workouts I share right now are intense, shorter workouts so you don’t have to spend hours in the gym or on a treadmill. They are designed to fit into my own incredibly busy schedule. Investing a little bit of time into your health now can help you have a longer, higher quality of life in the future.
Something that motivates me is going to a 5K race (or even just looking up the results online) and seeing people double to triple my age running the race, sometimes with great times! As I get older I want to have the energy, strength and endurance to keep doing that. So find your motivation and devote some time to your health.
There will be a new workout up tonight.
PS I am going to be sharing a sample of a healthy daily diet. The sample I created is being reviewed by a nutritionist right now. I want to make sure I am sharing high quailty (correct!) information with everyone. Be sure to check back!

One thought on “Don’t have a Fitness Stall!

  1. Wow, to know you do so much, even as far as making sure your diet is correct before sharing…incredible. Thanks Melissa for all that you do to motivate us not-so-fit people. 😉

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