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Hi Everyone,

Today’s workout is below. It’s a major fat burning, toning routine. It will help shape and define your entire body. It’s not an easy one, but it hits every area of your body.
Special thanks to photographer Jeff Zoet for designing the new Fitness Bender logo. I will be incorporating it into the page sometime this weekend. Jeff does a great series called “Becoming Pop Culture” which I am a big fan of. You can check out his work here:
I hope you enjoy the workout!

Unless specified otherwise below repetitions are as follows:
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 25 reps
High Knees and Mountain Climbers:
Beginner: 30 Seconds
Intermediate: 45 seconds
Advanced: 60 seconds
1.       Bridge leg circle drops (right)
2.       5 Burpees
3.       Bridge leg circle drops (left)
4.       High knees
5.       Around the world push-ups
6.       Mountain climbers
7.       Squatting side reach
8.       5 Burpees
9.       Tricep leg lifts
10.   High knees
11.   Boat with leg circles
12.   Mountain climbers
13.   Elbow/knee tap abs
14.   5 burpees
15.   Hip opener leg raises (right)
16.   High knees
17.   Hip opener (left)
18.   Mountain climbers
19.   Alternating hands free get ups
20.   5 burpees

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