21 Jump Feet Workout

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Hi Everyone!
So today’s workout is a tough one! I did high knees in between every exercise to keep my heart rate up, and the fat burn going throughout the workout. We had another guest in today’s video. Kaitlynn is starting out on her own fitness bender. She does a great job demonstrating some of the modifications for today’s workout.
So I wanted to talk about diet this week. As I said earlier a diet isn’t a thing you go on. It is just whatever you eat throughout the day. My food philosophy is eat healthy, and don’t make any foods “off limits.” If you completely deny yourself something it seems that you end up craving it anyway.
Personally, I find the more I work out the healthier I want to eat. When I don’t work out I crave sweets and coffee. Working out helps regulate your blood sugar as well as stimulating your entire body. The metabolism boost does more than just increase weight loss. It also energizes you.
Kaitlynn has a food blog with a lot of great recipes. If you’re interested check them out at: www.kateshomekitchen.blogspot.com
I will also be sharing more of what I eat, and some of my favorite healthy recipes. Are there any diet issues that you struggle with? As always enjoy the workout, and feel free to leave me some feedback!

21 Jump Feet Workout
1.       High Knees: 20 Seconds
2.       1 Leg Squat (right leg):
Beginner: 5
Intermediate: 12
Advanced: 15
3.       High Knees: 20 Seconds
4.       1 Leg Squat (left leg)
Beginner: 5
Intermediate: 12
Advanced: 15
5.       High Knees: 20 seconds
6.       Side Jump Pushups
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 25 reps
7.       High Knees: 20 seconds
8.       Ninja Jumps
9.       High Knees: 20 Seconds
10.   Pulsing Chair Squat or Wall Sits
Beginner: 15 pulses or 10 wall sits
Intermediate: 20 pulses or 15 wall sits
Advanced: 30 pulses or 20 wall sits
11.   High Knees: 20 seconds
12.   Pendulum Legs/Monkey Walks
Beginner: 1 series (10 back and forth leg swings, 10 back and forth leg jumps)
Intermediate: 2 series
Advanced: 3 series
13.   High Knees: 20 Seconds
14.   Supermans
Beginner: 10
Intermediate: 20
Advanced: 25
15.   High Knees: 20 seconds
16.   Total Ab Planks (3 parts=1 rep)
Beginner: 5 reps per leg
Intermediate: 10 reps per leg
Advanced: 15 reps per leg
17.   High Knees: 20 seconds
18.   Bicycle Abs (both sides=1 rep)
Beginner: 15 reps
Intermediate: 20 reps
Advanced: 30 reps
19.   High Knees: 20 seconds
20.   Burpee
Beginner: 10 reps
Intermediate: 15 reps
Advanced: 20 reps
21.   High Knees: 20 seconds

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