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Postpartum & Beyond: Workout 1: Lower Body & Pelvic Strengthening

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Hi Everyone!

It’s finally here! Day 1 of my Brand New workout challenge! I am 6-weeks postpartum, and finally cleared to workout. My body has changed a lot since giving birth, and I have a lot of work to do to build my strength back up. I have more body fat (especially around my midsection), and less endurance. All of that is going to change over the next 6-weeks!

This challenge is going to include new workouts, which will be appropriate for all levels. Modify as needed, and feel free to adjust the workout days to fit best with your schedule. The best workout routine is one that you will stick to, so figure out what works best with your schedule, and be consistent.

If you are looking to lose weight, my DietBet challenge starts tomorrow: A chance to win money is a great motivator for some people, so check it out and if it will motivate you to hit your goals join in! I am personally participating in the DietBet challenge. I want to lose some fat, and get my body composition closer to what it was pre-pregnancy.

If you suffer from Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Seperation): Check out this article and video: Get Rid of Belly Bulge: Safe Core Exercises for Diastasis Recti. Substitute this core program for any of the core exercises I include in this challenge. If you have questions feel free to post them! I will be doing my best to answer them as we go.

I am combining these workouts with running. You can substitute walking, speed walking, jump rope, or an alternate cardio of choice, or even just increase the number of rounds you do of each exercise video. If you are postpartum and suffer from urinary incontinence/leakage stick to a lower impact cardio option. Allow your pelvic floor time to recover before doing the High Impact options of each exercise.

This is going to be a full body program to improve your overall health and fitness, and these are the actual exercises I will be doing to get myself stronger, healthier, and more fit. I am doing it right with you. I would love to see who is joining me for this challenge so feel free to comment, tag me in your posts, and let me know how it’s going. If you want to share a before and after photo I would love to see it, and share it (only with your permission!)

Here is what you can expect to see/do this week if you are joining me!

Week 1 Schedule:

  1. Lower Body Workout + 30-Minutes of Cardio
    2. Core Workout + Interval Cardio
    3. 30-Minutes Moderate Intensity Cardio
    4. Arms/Upper Body & Interval Cardio
    5. Rest Day or Easy Cardio Day-(Optional: Long Run for Runners)
    6. Full Body Workout + Walk
    7. Rest Day

Have fun with this program!!!! I can’t wait to get in shape with you!

PS You can find me on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Snapchat: @BenderFitness and on Facebook: @MelissaBenderFitness
You can find Jesse on Instagram: @BenderCrosby1

Click the link to get your own Gymboss Interval Timer!

Set your Interval Timer for 15 rounds of 30/50 seconds. 

Equipment: Interval Timer, Chair or Bench, Dumbbell (optional)

*30 Seconds of Cardio of Choice before Each Exercise*

  1. Squat
  2. Warrior Deadlift-Right
  3. Warrior Deadlift-Left
  4. Leg Series-Right
  5. Leg Series-Left
  6. Plie Squat (2nd position)
  7. Bulgarian Split Squat-Right
  8. Bulgarian Split Squat-Left
  9. Hip Thrust-Right
  10. Hip Thrust-Left
  11. Grande Plie (1st position)
  12. Sit to Stand-Right
  13. Sit to Stand-Left
  14. Side Step Up-Right
  15. Side Step Up-Left

Repeat 1-3X
Pair with 30-Minutes of Easy Paced Cardio of choice.

*I did one round of this workout, and paired it with a 30-Minute Run at a comfortable talking pace (3.2 miles total distance).




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