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BodyRock BootCamp: Week 10 Workout Schedule

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Hi Everyone!

The past 10-Weeks have flown by! This is the Week 10 Workout Schedule, incorporating the workout series I filmed with I hope you have enjoyed the series! So many people asked how to incorporate the workouts into their routine, and I hope these schedules have been helpful.

I included 7-workouts, but you can incorporate rest days as needed. I recommend 1-2 rest days per week. You can vary the schedule to suit your needs, and either extend these workouts longer (IE 9-days instead of 7), or pair up on workouts 1-2 days during the week.

Always listen to your body. It’s important to learn how hard you can push yourself, but it is equally important to listen to when you need rest. Your muscles gain strength when they rest and recover from a workout. Stronger muscles=faster metabolism.

Feel free to let me know what you thought of this workout series! Hopefully you had as much fun with it as I did! I am currently doing a 30-Day Move of the Day Challenge on Instagram/Facebook. I hope you join me! I have some exciting new workouts headed your way!


***Each Workout can be repeat 1-3X.****

Day 1: Full Body Sculpt & Burn Workout

Day 2: 10 Minute Abs: Full Core Workout

Day 3: Full Body Shake Down: 15 Minute HIIT

Day 4: Weighted Workout Challenge

Day 5: Yoga Flow & Stretch: 20 Minute Sequence or Active Rest Day

Day 6: Arm & Belly: Fat Burn Workout

Day 7: Lower Body Low Impact Workout (Quiet, No Jumping!)

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