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Yoga Flow: Strength and Stretch: 20 Minute Sequence

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Hi Everyone!

Today’s workout is a Yoga Flow (the video is below). This is a great one to help improve your flexibility and build strength in your body at the same time. 

Several studies have shown that people who practice yoga regularly are more aware of their bodies hunger signals and are less likely to overeat. Also, yoga helps increase awareness of the body which improves execution of exercises and physical movements. 

I hope you guys enjoy this flow. I had fun filming it and it felt great to stretch. I really need to work on getting my flexibility back. I am going to create a basic flexibility stretch routine that can be done daily. 

I will be sharing my progress and Jesse’s progress with the stretching. Of course you are welcome to join us. 🙂 

Flexibility can help prevent biomechanics imbalances that cause injury, and it can help protect your muscles. Make a little bit of time to fit it into your schedule!

See you later with a new workout!

PS I haven’t tried Flying Pigeon Pose in a long time so I decided to give it a whirl. It wasn’t the prettiest because I haven’t practiced in a long time, and my hip flexors have lost some flexibility. Here is the starting picture. Hopefully after I incorporate my stretching routine I will be able to flatten out my back, hold through the core, and lift the leg a little bit higher. 

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