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40-Min Total Body Workout and Cardio Burn: No Equipment Home Workout Routine

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Hello Everyone!

I have an amazing Total Body throwback workout routine for you today. This full body workout incorporates cardio exercises and strengthening exercises. The workout will take 40-minutes and requires no equipment.

I filmed the Total Body Sculpt Workout series when I was postpartum with my second child. You can find more of this workout series here:

It’s a great series, so if you enjoy this workout you should definitely give it a go.

Filming New Workouts

This weekend Jesse and I continued to film new workouts for our new exclusive membership and bonus content site. If you would like to check out some of the new workouts we have shared, you can find them under the New Release catalogue here:

Jesse filmed a 20-Minute Ultimate Cardio workout. It’s one of the hardest workouts I have written in a long time, combining Plyo and Cardio Burst exercises. I filmed a 15-Minute Glute Gains + Thigh Sculpt workout that uses dumbbells for strength training and plyometric moves. It’s definitely going on my repeat list.

If you want to give any of the new workouts a try, I have a three day free trial, and a July Exclusive membership discount: JULYFOUNDERS20 so feel free to explore and look around! The discount is good through the last day of July 2023, and will stay active for as long as your membership remains active without cancelation.

I’m also planning to film some new BenderFitness workouts to share here this week. All the new workouts have me feeling strong, healthy and energized and I’m so happy to share that with you.

Build the Mind/Body Connection:

During your workout today, I want you to try and remain present and think about the muscles being activated during each exercise. Building the connection between mind and body is a powerful tool for your physical and mental health. It can help you to control anxiety and pain, get a better night’s sleep and improve your overall sense of well being.

I also enjoy meditation to help build these connections. It’s important to find balance in both the mind and body.

I hope you enjoy today’s workout! Let me know what you think and which exercise was your favorite and which you found most challenging. See you soon!


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The Full Length Workout Video:

Set your interval timer for 28 Rounds of 30/50. 
30-Seconds cardio of choice in between each exercise. 

  1. Low Impact Jacks
  2. Lunge to Figure 4: Right
  3. Lunge to Figure 4: Left
  4. Squat
  5. Toe Touch Pushups
  6. Elbow Tap Side Plank: Right
  7. Elbow Tap Side Plank: Left
  8. Super Swim 
  9. Reverse Plank Leg Lift
  10. Plié Reach: Right
  11. Plié Reach: Left
  12. Runner’s Lunge Lift: Right
  13. Runner’s Lunge Lift: Left
  14. Temple Tap Abs
  15. Raised Leg Adduction: Right
  16. Raised Leg Adduction: Left
  17. Angel Abs
  18. Tricep Pushup: Right
  19. Tricep Pushup: Left
  20. Sumo Pushups
  21. Scapular Squeeze
  22. Warrior III: Right
  23. Warrior III: Left
  24. Goddess Twist
  25. Pendulum Squat
  26. Heel Tap Abs
  27. Crunching Side Plank: Right
  28. Crunching Side Plank: Left
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