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Total Body Sculpt Workout #23: Low Impact, Standing Workout: Legs, Arms and Abs

total body workout low impact standing workout for arms legs and abs
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Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Total Body Sculpt Workout #23. This is a fantastic Low Impact, Standing Workout routine. No plyometric exercises in this one, but you will still get in an amazing workout.

Behind the scenes filming view. Esmé was just a few months old.

You won’t be getting up and down off the floor a lot during this exercise routine, but you will be using a chair for some exercises. Be sure that the chair you are using is sturdy and won’t slide out from under you. You can brace it against a wall or use a bench of other sturdy surface if needed.

You will find the workout video and breakdown below.

Nutritious and Delicious

When thinking about nutrition and planning out meals for the week, I usually think of three things.

  1. Will my kids eat whatever I’m making? We eat as a family. If it’s something new I will often give the kids a deconstructed version of whatever the meal is. (So instead of mixing together the chicken, rice, veggies, and guacamole they get the same foods on their plates separately.)
  2. Is it delicious? I enjoy food, and it’s important to me that what we are eating tastes good. I don’t care how healthy a meal is: if it tastes disgusting I don’t want it. Life is too short to eat foods that I hate. Luckily, I love vegetables so it’s a little bit easier to pick delicious and healthy options.
  3. Is it nutritious? I try to pick nutrient dense foods as often as possible (and I don’t spend time worrying about the times that I eat less nutritious foods). I don’t consider anything a cheat meal. I feel the best when I’m eating a variety of fruits and vegetables, and we eat salmon, chicken and turkey regularly. We don’t limit carbs or any other foods, but we try to pick more nutrient dense varieties (whole grain breads, etc). If we eat something less nutritious? No big deal, we enjoy it and move on.

New Workouts and Life Updates

This month was supposed to be chock full of new workouts and then three things happened. My computer broke, my husband got injured and my son and I caught a bad stomach virus and were out of commission for a few days. Needless to say, none of that was in my plans.

So, it’s time to regroup and get back on track. I have new workouts to share and a burning desire to consistently bring them to you.

For a while now I’ve been struggling to balance parenting, work, maintaining our household, social obligations (and fun!), editing/filming and my work here at BenderFitness. As the semester wraps up at the university I teach at, I am shifting my focus to re-finding that balance. It doesn’t come easily and it definitely requires a conscious effort.

So if you have any tips and tricks please feel free to share them below.

Desperately Seeking a Life/Work Balance

AKA Melissa

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1. Squat
2. 2nd Position Plié to Toes
3. Curtsy Lunge: Right
4. Curtsy Lunge: Left
5. Rotating Squat Step
6. Plié Side Lift: Right
7. Plié Side Lift: Left
8. Reverse Pulse: Right
9. Reverse Pulse: Left
10. 5th Position Plié Forward Lift: Right
11. 5th Position Plié Forward Lift: Left
12. Figure Four Rotation: Right
13. Figure Four Rotation: Left
14. Warrior III Squat: Right
15. Warrior III Squat: Left
16. Cactus Stretch
17. Incline Pushups
18. Dips
19. Forward/Back Plié Side Pulse: Right
20. Forward/Back Plié Side Pulse: Left
21. Trunk Rotation: Right
22, Trunk Rotation: Left
23. Standing Toe Touch Twist: Right
24. Standing Toe Touch Twist: Left
25. Standing Cat/Cow Arch
26. Pendulum Tap: Right
27. Pendulum Tap: Left
28. Alternating Leg Sweep

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