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30-Minute Total Body Home Workout with Cardio

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Hi Everyone!

I have a great, total body workout for you today. This workout routine requires no equipment. Have some water handy and you are ready to go.

I incorporated some new exercises into today’s routine, so be sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you had a favorite exercise. I really liked the Forward/Back Froggers. They got me breathing heavy and felt like a great challenge.

In the Bender household we are focusing on a health reset. We are three months into the year, and it has been exhausting.

I have been trying to make healthier meal choices. It has been so hectic for the last few months that I have been relying too heavily on convenient meals. Unfortunately, busy-ness can perpetuate the cycle of fatigue. You get busy, it’s hard to make time to cook meals from Whole Foods, a lot of processed foods can make you more tired, less time also translates to less sleep and exercise. All around, it’s a recipe for becoming increasingly tired.

Luckily, the sun is shining more and that does very good things for my energy levels. It’s time to re-focus and create a cycle of health and energy. That starts with sleep, food and exercise.

I’m focusing on getting in more leafy greens, healthy protein and fruits and vegetables. Eggs and veggies are a super quick meal. I love adding artichokes and olives, because they are so delicious. It’s an easy breakfast or lunch. Last night we had turkey burgers topped with an egg, spinach and sautéed onions and garlic.

Let me know if you want to see more meal and recipe ideas. You can find my previous recipes here:

As I type this my children are going stir-crazy, so I am going to end here for today. I’m planning a longer blog post (or maybe a coffee chat video) to re-connect with everyone. I feel that I’ve been fairly MIA since the beginning of the year, and maybe others have felt the same way: disconnected and tired.

I miss everyone and hope that you’re finding lots of sunshine and reasons to smile.


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Interval Timer: 21 Rounds of 35/50

  1. Side to Side Hop and Reach
  2. Speed Skaters
  3. 3-Point Forearm Plank Taps
  4. Reverse Plank Hip Taps
  5. 5-Star Froggers (Frogger to Superman)
  6. Kneeling Leg Lift to Runner’s Lunge: Right
  7. Kneeling Leg Lift to Runner’s Lunge: Left
  8. Cat Bow/Knee to Nose: Right
  9. Cat Bow/Knee to Nose: Left
  10. Rotating Chair Pose
  11. Warrior III Pulse: Right
  12. Warrior III Pulse: Left
  13. Staggered Leg Hip Tilt: Right
  14. Staggered Leg Hip Tilt: Left
  15. Frogger Forward/Back Burpees
  16. Down Dog to Dolphin
  17. Crossed Leg Lifts
  18. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Right
  19. Single Leg Glute Bridge: Left
  20. Thoracic Reach Through
  21. Prone Cross Step

You can repeat this workout for a total of 2 Rounds if you want a longer workout.

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