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10-Minute Core Workout Routine: Quick Ab Exercises

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to today’s workout! We have a great Core focused exercise routine on the agenda.

For this workout routine I use a stability ball. These exercises can also be done with a Bosu Ball or with no equipment on a mat. I enjoy the additional balance challenge of the stability ball, but there is always a way to modify so that you are working with the equipment you have at home. If you scroll down past the workout video, you will find the photo tutorial gallery. I demonstrate some equipment free modifications.

Remember that a balanced core workout will also activate the back of the body. I included the glute bridge exercise because pelvic stability and position is an important part of developing good posture and balance through your core and hips.

Pre-Workout Baby Snuggles

I really like this core workout, and I’ve been doing it 2-3X per week. It’s quick and easy enough that I can sneak in a round of two throughout the day. Also, because it’s low impact, if I’m doing the workout and my kids are around I don’t have to worry about one of them running under my feet during a plyometric move.

I filmed this workout for time, but when I squeeze in the workout I typically go for reps to account for adorable baby and pre-schooler interruptions. I like to encourage them to exercise and make it fun for them, so Esmé often gets to fly while I do sit-ups, and Maverick likes to sit on my back during the Plank Knee Thrust (done on the ground, not on the ball when he joins me).

Plank Knee Thrust: Part 1 (no ball). My son likes to sit on my back when I do this exercise.

Below you will find the workout breakdown for time and for Repetitions.

When I filmed this workout my plan was to do one round, 15-minutes of cardio on the treadmill and go for a second round. Instead I did one round paired with a 30-minute run on the treadmill. I found myself really enjoying the run and my music playlist, so I did an easy paced (comfortable enough to talk) 3-mile run.

I hope that you enjoy today’s workout. I filmed a 60-minute yoga flow, but I’m having issues with the audio not syncing correctly. If I can figure out how to fix that, I will post the yoga video this week. Let me know what you think of today’s workout.

See you soon!


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The Workout:

Set your interval timer for 10 Rounds of 10/50.

For Repetitions: 50-Reps Per Exercise. Cross Reach and Plank Knee Thrust are 25-Reps per Side.

  1. Sit-up
  2. Cross Reach: Right
  3. Cross Reach: Left
  4. Ball Pull
  5. Tick Tock Abs
  6. Reverse Crunch
  7. Glute Bridge
  8. Leg/Hip Lift with Reverse Crunch
  9. Plank Knee Thrust: Right
  10. Plank Knee Thrust: Left

This workout can be repeated up to 3X.

Photo Tutorial:

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