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Total Body Sculpt Workout #11

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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to Body Sculpt Workout #11. This is a fantastic Total Body Routine, that will work all of your muscles and improve you cardio endurance at the same time.

Grab your dumbbells, and a little stool or a chair (something you can safely put one foot up on) and you are ready to go. If you don’t have dumbbells grab something from around the house to add some resistance into the workout or complete the exercises with body weight.

This is an amazing routine for sculpting your arms, legs, and core, while getting a great cardio burn.

Great Burn from Body Sculpt Workout #11

During this routine we have one section of repeating Cardio/Large Muscle Burn. Push yourself for maximum repetitions, and don’t worry if you are breathing hard and sweating. On a scale of 0-10 (0 being laying on a couch, and 10 being running from a bear) you want to be working at a level between 8-9.

Before the workout
After the workout

I was so sweaty during this workout, that I left a full body outline on my yoga mat.

A little sweaty.

Have fun, and challenge yourself. The difficult things that we do, the times when we push through even though we want to quit, that is when we get stronger.

Let’s keep getting stronger together.


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Interval Timer: 28 Rounds of 35 seconds Cardio- 50 seconds Max Reps

  1. Squat
  2. Split Squat: Right
  3. Split Squat: Left
  4. Side Lunge: Right
  5. Side Lunge: Left
  6. Surfer
  7. Russian Kicks
  8. Burpees
  9. Lunge Lift: Right
  10. Lunge Lift: Left
  11. Table Taps
  12. Side Plank: Right
  13. Side Plank: Left
  14. Angel Abs
  15. Toe Reach Situp
  16. Surfer
  17. Russian Kicks
  18. Burpees
  19. Lunge Lift: Right
  20. Lunge Lift: Left
  21. Alternating Curl
  22. Tricep Extension
  23. Weighted Cactus
  24. Warrior III Row: Right
  25. Warrior III Row: Left
  26. Low Jacks
  27. Pendulum Squat: Right
  28. Pendulum Squat: Left
Squat: Part 1
Squat: Part 2
Split Squat: Part 1
Split Squat: Part 2
Side Lunge
Surfer: Part 2
Russian Kicks: Part 1
Russian Kicks: Part 2
Burpee: Part 1
Burpee: Part 2
Burpee: Part 3
Lunge Lift: Part 1
Lunge Lift: Part 2
Table Tap: Part 1
Table Tap: Part 2
Side Plank
Angel Abs: Part 1
Angel Abs: Part 2
Angel Abs: Part 3
Toe Touch Situp: Part 1
Toe Touch Situp: Part 2
Alternating Curl
Alternating Curl: Part 2
Warrior III Row: Part 1
Warrior III Row: Part 2
Low Jack: Part 1
Low Jack: Part 2
Pendulum Squat: Part 1
Pendulum Squat: Part 2
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