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Weekly Workout Schedule: 6 Home Workouts You Can Do For Free

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Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s workout schedule! This week we have 6-workouts on the agenda. Day 7 is reserved for resting and recovering. You can modify the workout schedule to fit your own needs, and based on your body’s response.

Most of the workouts don’t use any equipment. In the workouts with dumbbells you can use water bottles or something else from around the house to add in some resistance to your workout. You can also choose to use body weight only. It is good for your body to mix up the challenge. I also encourage you to complete the yoga workout, even if yoga isn’t your cup of tea. I read your comments here and on my Facebook page, so I know a lot of people skip yoga day. Flexibility is an important part of overall health and wellness. It will benefit you by ensuring full range of motion during your workouts, preventing injury, and aiding in muscle recovery.

Ways to Modify the Workout Schedule:

Add in another rest day. If you have major soreness or muscle fatigue (or even just an insanely hectic schedule!) you can add in another rest day. The workout list will still be here. One of the best things about home workouts is that you can modify them to your own pace/schedule. Having a workout schedule that fits into your life/routine is one of the most important ways to building consistency with your workouts.

Select how many times to repeat the workouts: Most of the workouts can be repeated up to 3X. Listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself. Sometimes I go through the workouts once, other times I repeat them 3X.

Do the workout on it’s own or add cardio: You can add in 30-minutes cardio of choice (running, walking, jump rope, cycling, swimming, etc) to any workout. I typically keep my total workout time between 30-60 minutes, including the daily workout and cardio.

I posted the workouts two different ways below. Under the title “Workout Links with Breakdown” you will find a link to my original blog post with the full workout breakdown/exercise list. 

I say this all the time because it’s worth repeating: Determination is greater than Motivation. Consistency is not the result of being motivated all the time. It’s the result of making the choice to get in your workouts even when you don’t feel motivated.

Thank you for working out with me! Have fun with today’s workout! Let me know how you feel and what you think. Comment and let me know if you are using the links I posted with the full workout breakdown, or if you go straight to the video. I posted both options below, but I want to know what you find most efficient and helpful.


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The Workout Links with Breakdown: 

Workout 1: 

21 Minute Full Body Workout

Workout 2: 

Lean Lower Body Dumbbell Workout

Workout 3: 

Abs: Quick Workout to Tighten Your Core

Workout 4: 

16 Minute Cardio Fat Burn: HIIT & Sculpt: No Equipment Body Weight Workout

Workout 5: 

Lower Body Challenge: All Around Workout

Workout 6:

Strength and Stretch Yoga: 20 Minutes

The Videos: 

Workout 1: 

Workout 2: 

Workout 3:  

Workout 4:  

Workout 5: 

Workout 6


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